Taking out Warlock pet glyphs

Continuing the discussion from Dragonflight Fractures in Time PTR Development Notes:

Y’all better not be taking away my armored succubus.

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Based on their “logic” for this change, shivarra is next on the chopping block.

It’s honestly depressing how stupid Blizzard thinks PvPers are.


They either think pvp folks are stupid. Or are throwing them under the bus because they can’t be bothered.

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It’s their exact same rationale for why they don’t do glyphs anymore.

Holding back customization for the game for “PvP recognizability” is absolutely asinine. Their imaginary problem could be easily solved by disabling glyphs and customizations in rated PvP. The real reason is pure laziness and cost cutting, and it’s utterly transparent.


They’re probably taking away the fel guard weapon glyph next because we can’t have pvp’ers thinking a demon is a warrior or paladin.


I was initially under the impression that the demon customization glyphs were all going away because they are adding them to the barber shop or something…but this doesn’t sound like that. This sounds like shenanigans.

This is just stupid.