Taking from Nature - Unblocking Net Quests


I have the “Secret Fishing Spots” achievement.

The “Roaring Dragonsprings Fishing” hole is up in Ohn’ahran plains.

There is no quest to unblock the fishing net. I completed the other daily that was there.

What am I missing?

IF someone could please explain how to unlock all the net spots?

I can only see the daily to unlock the default one on River Mouth

I max renown on all factions and fishing, dunno if thats required tho.

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Hey Flesha!

What ended up working for me was completing the daily to unlock River Mouth on one day - the next day, the daily for the other fishing hole that was available activated. I couldn’t tell you why.

Note that the fishing spots (with the exception of the River Mouth and maybe Forbidden Reach) are on a weekly rotation. So for the dragon isles ones, you can only get one a week.

More info in the Wowhead comments here: https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=16553/taking-from-nature

As an aside this forum is pretty dead, I feel like I’d have been better off posting in GD lol

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Thanks, I’ve read that they’re on a weekly rotational basis and I’ve gone to all the other spots with no daily to be seen, that is why I’m confused, ill give another visit to all of the net spots again to see what is going on.

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Note that you also need to unlock them via Secret Fishing Spots - Achievement - World of Warcraft (wowhead.com)

Taking a look at your achievements on Flesha, you don’t have this one yet: Flesha - Achievements (Reputation) (blizzard.com)

That should do it for you :slight_smile:

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So in order for me to be able to see the rest of the dailies and unlock the net spots I need to have the Secret Fishing spots achieve ?

I’m missing the Highlands fishing spots, but I’ve crafted the 2 other items tho.

Correct, to unlock the spots outside of Waking Shores (and I think maybe Forbidden Reach?) you need that achievement.

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Ty ill work on that.

EDIT for progress:

The last piece I needed to get the achieve “Secret fishing spots” was left to the entrance of Tuskarr Village Inn, laying on the ground a small bone thing, picked it up and crafted the charm with Tavio.

This unlocked a quest on the Ohn"ahram spot (Which is this current Weekly spot), called " Dragonsprings Drop", I completed it and placed a net there but still no Daily “Predator Control”.