Take the WoW Companion App on New Adventures

Take the WoW Companion App on New Adventures

Soar into new adventures with the updated WoW Companion App— available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Any plans to let us do anything other than look at DF world/daily quests?


Looks like there will be AH access again, but only half way. You’ll only be able to BUY, looks like, not sell. :frowning: I don’t know why that was stopped so long ago, I guess to boost sales of the Mighty Brutosaur mount, but that’s gone now so…please bring back full AH functionality.


If your conspiracy would’ve been correct, it would’ve been enabled when shortly after removing the mount.

I suspect it was related to people forcing broken sales that couldn’t be bought.

I fired it up for the first time in months a day or two ago to clean out some missions I didn’t want to go back to the table for and was impressed with the layer of polish that was added since the last version. I just don’t really have a reason to use it at the moment.

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Let me do pet battles on the app please!!



Could you please add back functionality for WoD shipyard missions?


I miss being able to do world quests from the app on my phone. Even bringing back some of that functionality (ie not being able to complete ALL WQ available but some) would be very nice.

Imagine wanting to play the game on a tiny phone app instead of logging on pc and playing it on a large monitor the way its intended to be…

Blame bots.

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