<Take My Strong Hand> New -One night Heroic - Recruiting

Hi there!

[H] Take My Strong Hand is a new guild on Arthas, recruiting for 9.2. Raid time will be Thursday only - 8PM-11PM EST.

We are currently looking for healers and dps to complete a heroic team for 9.2 and beyond. Current raiders are made of previous tier Mythic and Heroic players as well as a few 2.4k+ mythic keystone runners.

We are not hardcore raiders and like to joke around and have fun. However, we want to see the current content and get bosses down in a timely manner as we have limited time to complete with only one raid day. We run M+ on most other days of the week as that is most of the raid teams major focus.

Hit me up on Discord - nibz#0026 - or check us out on the new Raider.io recruitment page