Take Flight, Seeds of Renewal Is Now Live!

I can ride my dragonriding mount in Zandalar, but the dragonriding abilities are not available. I’ve restarted the client and checked for an update (beyond the one at patch time).

I will do the Gilneas quest later. But can we get this toy for every race of the Alliance please? :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

It’s a very good teleporation toy for the North of the Eastern Kingdoms if we are Alliance. :dracthyr_yay_animated:

Now that dragon riding is everywhere… I’d like to suggest some options that the WoW client should support

I’d like to summon a random mount. Sometimes I want a dragon riding mount, sometimes flying, other times ground or even water.

Can we please have separate random buttons to summon by function from our favorite set of mounts?

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Please fix the bug that prevents dragon riding prior to level 60.

Please fix all the glitches that came with this Azerothian Archives. It’s horrible

1st time poster, long time player. This is one of the best season/patches I really gotten into. I don’t care for PVP, Raiding, rep grinding, or any of the “end game grind”. I solo, play storylines, start new characters, get in small groups, this entire patch seems targeted at my gameplay.

  1. Follower instances AWESOME… I hope they add the rest of the non-dragon flight instances at level, I would start over 2 or 3 characters just to do that. Maybe a 3rd druid, or play a class I haven’t played yet. I would also like heroic instances like this, but I think the mechanics of writing NPCs to play with any given play time would be really difficult. Heroic is about as high as I will typically do if I can get some friends join in. Anything on Follower Raids?

  2. Dragonflight Everywhere!!! LOVE IT! I just like flying around to see the old world. it would be really interesting to see smaller variety of world quests everywhere in the game.

  3. Outland Races: I had a busy couple weeks and missed it? is this going to be available again? is there a chance for future areas getting these races? I enjoy the races giving me a spacer in leveling, but missed this content.

  4. Druid Forms: I love that there are “easy to get” forms that don’t require raiding, Thank you I love the options.

  5. Reclaming Gilneas: very short… might have liked to see an instance or some dailies used for this. But it was fun.