Take Flight, Seeds of Renewal Is Now Live!

Take Flight, Seeds of Renewal Is Now Live!

Discover the buried history of Azeroth and the Dragon Isles through the Azerothian Archives Public Event, take Dragonriding to the skies of old-world continents, storm Dragonflight Dungeons alongside NPC companions, complete new Campaign chapters in the continuation of the Dragon Isle epilogues, and more!

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Didn’t expect it to be this soon, color me surprised and pleased.

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I am hype! :dracthyr_love_animated:

Who turned on the light?


New things!?

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Patch looks very ‘Meh’ and underwhelming for the most part. But at least there is some class balancing happening after blizz went MIA for months.

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When will the patch notes be coming?

Why even include customization and express how big it is when it’s just 5 new hair color that is just being added to every race. Can we talk about how sad that is? It should be more options for trolls like beards, markings, tusks and standing up straight(including forsaken). Also Kul’tirans should be able to be thin humans and regular humans in addition to it’s already bulky model, as these kul’tiran exist in game. Goblins with beards and more jewelry/gadget/bone cosmetics. Worgen ability to only be in worgen form at night and human form during the day etc… These to me personally are what varieties and individuality to one’s own character. There are many more examples of what our characters can do including humans with tattoos as that is something every game includes because humans do like tattoos too. I do hope to see this implemented in game soon and not 5 years from now.


Follower dungeons is a highlight?

:surfing_woman: :surfing_man:

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All the interesting bits of this patch has me feeling like my old cat visiting the farmhouse and seeing three different mice scuttling off in different directions. Which do I pounce on first?


So it says somewhere that you can dragonride ‘wherever flying is available’. Does anyone know if that mean I will be able to dragonride in sahdowlands, where I am currently no able to fly because I never did the meta?

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Doubtful, probably only areas where you have unlocked flying in general. Haven’t read anywhere otherwise so I wouldn’t expect it to unlock.

I thought they removed the requirement for flying in SL. I never did it either but I can fly there :dracthyr_shrug:

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Flying in Shadowlands has two parts. The four main zones allow flying after completing the quest chain where the Primus returns. If it’s skippable then that might also do it.

The second part is in Zerith Mortis which requires it’s own Pathfinder achievement.

But as I said above if they have changed it I haven’t read anything about it yet.

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I don’t recall them mentioning the removal of SL’s pathfinder requirements. If they do, I’m guessing it’ll be with TWW’s launch or at least the pre-patch. Or they could do it now and they haven’t said anything. It’s hard to say what they’ll do sometimes.

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I keep forgetting that exists :dracthyr_tea:


Like with WoD, Legion and BfA they will eventually just unlock flying automatically. Probably next expansion.

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  • Azerothian Archives: It seems to be a fun thing. Can’t wait to test it.

  • Gilneas Reclamation: I hope we will get a good story for this.

  • Follower Dungeons: I will test it for sure.

  • Dragonriding Available Worldwide: I don’t know if I will use it everywhere.

  • New Character Customizations: More hairstyles for Trolls and Draenei could have been a good move. Same thing with some new Shivarra models. Also where are the beards for Troll males?

  • Discover Bel’ameth: The most disappointing part, Bel’ameth don’t feel like a real capital city as Darnassus for Night Elves. I seems a little peacefully village or a settlement and not as a capital. So I really hope it’s a work in progress and we will see more updates in the future patch/expansions for Bel’ameth.

I will put a short list of what we could have to get a “better” capital for Night Elves in Bel’ameth and Amirdrassil:

  • A big Temple of Elune
  • More Night Elf structures
  • A more purple skybox in Amirdrassil
  • Draenei and Worgen ambassadors
  • An auction house
  • A bank
  • A barbershop
  • Druid/hunter/mage/warrior/monk trainers
  • More Night Elf children
  • More Dryads
  • More Owls

Don’t get me wrong, Bel’ameth is nice but many elements are missing to be a “better” capital for Night Elves. It seems like an unfinished work so I really hope it’s a work in progress and we will get more things in the future patch and expansions for Bel’ameth.

Also reassemble the Dragon Riders of Loreth’Aran between the Night Elves and the green dragons could a good move for them.


uhm where were you it was announced two weeks ago? and then again last week?

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For some it may be. I know ill use it to practice healing more and gear up alts when then normal difficulty queue is more than 30 min.


Just to confirm:

It’s only dragonriding coming to the old world next week right? (As in the 4-5 mounts only) and in 11.0, it’ll switch over to dynamic riding?

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