Take away cross realm gathering

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!! don’t allow gathering for those who do not belong to the realm in which they gathering Herbs or Mining … They come not in pairs but in 4-6 players to a realm other than their own and most of the time they are druids .
connected together, they run to all the mining nods and herbs and deplete it . WE that belong on that realm can’t get enough herbs to make enough flasks and potions to feed our guild… It takes days for us to gather enough herbs and mining nods to complete recipes…
I BEG YOU … Stop them in their tracks …

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I rolled a Dark Iron Dwarf on BWR and quite frankly I just made level 20 and I have not seen a single player in the 3 zones I have quested in so far. Stormwind and Ironforge are completely empty.

So exactly where are you seeing these players?