Take a mount from the person above you

And go,go,go

Tip use a place holder while looking at the other person’s mount list

To the person below me. I have another one in the bank so I still get to keep my mount.

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I snatch your Experiment 12-B. :smiling_imp:

It was kinda hard to choose, as you have many awesome mounts. I’m gonna have to go with Voidtalon of the Dark Star, as it would be the perfect mount for my Void Elves.

I misread this as take the person above you for a mount. In that case I’d love a panda mount.

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alabaster mounts because I didn’t really feel like spending 100 bucks or whatever on classic lol.

classic doesn’t connect, so i guess i’ll post on this character instead of killing the thread

I take your vicious War Trike! VROOM VROOM

Taking the Magic Rooster.

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ill take the ashes of alar

Not sure it’s even legal to take a mount from the person above me.


I’d swipe that Fathom Dweller. :>

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(sneaks Peppermint’s Darkmoon Dancing Bear and takes him for a spin before putting him back, fed with cookies of course).



Antoran Gloomhound

Takes Swift ZG Tiger to complete old ZG mount collection. :smiley:

I’ll relieve you of your Bloodflank Charger. I like collecting horses. :slight_smile:

Tyrael’s Charger… another fine addition to my collection… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll take your Dapple Gray, please and thank you :heart:

Clutch of Ji-Kun please, madame

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I want the crusaders direhorn cause I can’t be bothered to grind out the rep for zandalari

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Take astral cloud serpent Weeee!

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