Tailor with T3 Cursed Cloth LFW. No Crafting Fee!


As the topic title suggests. I have the T3 Cursed Cloth and I’m looking to help people get some tier!

Also have the full Glacial set available to craft.
As well as the Naxx cosmetic cloth craft selling on the AH for 300k.

Send an in-game work order with what you need or add me on Battletag: Garrazo#1224

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Bumping it for the exposure.

Update - CRAFTING T3 CURSED CLOTH FOR FREE (don’t pay the 100k craft charges some people are charging. That’s criminal). Tip what ever you want!

Bumping for exposure again. You would have to transfer a toon to Stormrage US for the cloth to be crafted.

I have crafted 22 sets so far, and counting! Free yourself from overcharged T3 crafters! :slight_smile:

Another bump, up to 29 sets crafted.

Monthly bump. Up to 40 sets crafted. Also Please Please be aware this is for Us/Oce server shards and you have to be on or willing to server transfer to Stormrage

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Hi Imba, I sent you an order. I just transferred here. Thanks!

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Bumping again up to 45 crafted sets. Get your Tier 3. Can also craft Plate on Area 52. Working on being able to craft leather and mail on Stormrage.