T6 Tokens for S3 Gear Not Available

So today is the end of S3 in TBCC and the Blue post from yesterday stated that we would be receiving a slew of updates during today’s maintenance. One of which is the addition of T6 tokens being tradeable for S3 Arena gear. So far no one has been able to find the vendor that does the trades. Could we get clarification on where we can trade these tokens in as well as WHEN this is be added into the game as the blue post states it would be in effect today.

This is the Blue post I’m referring to:


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With Burning Crusade Classic Season 3 ending this week, we can now see how the results are approximating, and we’ve decided to make some adjustments that will increase players’ ability to purchase PvP gear.

  • After Season 3 is complete, the discount on Season 3 gear will be increased to 60% (was 50%).
    • Developers’ notes: This should allow for players who reached the cap of 5,000 Arena Points to buy their set and a two-hand weapon, or their set and main hand and an offhand item.
  • Tier 6 tokens will now be exchangeable for Season 3 gear.
  • The Arena Points calculation has been updated to reduce the disparity of weekly Arena Points earned between different ratings.
    • Developers’ note: All Arena players should see an increase in points earned, and those at lower ratings should see a higher increase.

These changes will occur during maintenance and will affect the final Season 3 calculations that take place this week (tomorrow, May 3 in this region).

Thank you!"


Was on the isle on PTR.

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when : sunwell patch
where : sunwell island


The blue post literally says it will be in after maintenance


The blue post literally says it will be in after maintenance

It is in, in a place that you cant get to.

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It’s after maintenance. There is no vendor offering the trade that is currently accessible.

monkey paw curls

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Hmm so I have to wait to use the tokens and just let my arena points convert to honor. Seems kind of weird people are going to want that gear now and continue doing battlegrounds with it.

you could cheese your way tru the fatigue but i think they fixed

That was fixed back when season 1 started and people were buying season 2+ gear on the isle.

You couldn’t buy season 2 gear since it required t5 tokens.

I stand corrected. It was just the s2 ring on the vendor before it was intended. But either way they added an invisible wall to prevent people from swimming over.

I’m aware, I was responding Tracyn.

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:x I’m sorry, I responded to the wrong person…

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