Sylvanas voice actress should get an oscar/emmy

my other fav is the hammond voice actor doing this thing

Voice actors are cryptids man. I stg

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aren’t those awards for movies/television?

doesn’t seem fitting at all to me.

Likely intentional since the character purpose currently is to make her hateable as possible. Honestly this has only made roll my eyes and skip any custscene she is speaking on

Can’t agree more, Blizzard has talent in choising voice actors. However then tend to have bad directors in that deparment and quite often we hear more bad acting or worse they give attention to characters that doesn’t need it(Nathanos was totally unnecessary in this expansion)

She’s not bad but idk what it is about how she pronounces anything with an S. It’s like she’s sheltering. I remember the cinematic after legion where she’s talking to Gallywix about Azerite. “And the Alliansh… knowsh nothing about thish?” She also has a tendency to emphasise/over enunciate certain words which I kinda find a little odd.

However I do really agree, she did kill it in the BfA cinematic.

I do wish that they could have held onto her voice actors from WC3. She had a rather beautiful voice as well.

She’s alright. Not bad, not great. I actually liked Sylvanus’ voice work from WC3 more, to be honest.

No, her Warcraft III voice actress was much better.

She can have one after Sauerfangs actor gets one. He stole the show for this whole expansion.

You could FEEL his words.

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Looking at all the other stuff she did voice work for i bet she has allot of fun with This char since most of her other work seems for kids like care bears
prob a great change of pace

Tho i feel there is prob some type of voice changer they are using with her

Who needs an Oscar when you are actually an Iconic Gaming Character that millions of gamers recognize.

Love her or hate her, doesn’t matter. If Sylvanas wasn’t a successful character, you wouldn’t have had negative it positive feelings towards her.

Honestly Patty Mattson makes Sylvanas actually enjoyable with all the scenery chewing. And tvh with the nuance too! I really love that little “I trusted you” she gives Saurfang, so venomous, so actually disappointing.

Sylvanas writing is all over the place, but Patty just always delivers the perfect amount of petty, self righteous and megalomaniacal for Sylvanas.

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Did you see her do the live voice acting for BlizzCon 2019? I got goosebumps from watching it. She was spectacular (as they all were.)


She does a great job.

Can you get an oscar/emmy for voice acting?

Her actor is cool and I like her.

The director and writers, on the other hand~

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I disagree. She always goes over the top, and helps to make Sylvanas all the more unlikable. Besides, it’s almost as if she is holding her nose while she speaks.

I prefer how she used to sound in Warcraft 3, but I am not sure if it is the same VA, and I am honestly too lazy to look.

I think making her unlikable is part of the point. She had a different VA in WC3 afaik but I think she sounds way better now.



Bwonsamdi: is like two feet away from him


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Laura Bailey actually looks similar to Jaina… could play her in a movie totally

Still cracks me up her hubby plays Gazlowe while being a pretty big dude

Here we have Illidan playing a ogre and Gazlowe playing a character named Macaroni Samsonite.

Voice actors man. They’re not human.


I dunno, that hip roll when she walks.

That should be taught in eloquence school.


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Just what we need. More Sylvanas…

YES! more :+1:

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