Sylvanas despises all life huh?

I wonder how awkward that must be considering her sisters and nephews are living.


I mean, she’s several times implied she intended to kill and raise Vareesa into undeath; and has at least once done the same for Alleria. She doesn’t seem to think much of her Nephews. So, I kind of doubt its awkward for her anymore.


Considering she doesn’t think much of males considering how she treats her boy-toy Nathanos.

Like Droité said.

Sylvanas basically tried to even kill her sisters and Alleria did regret to not kill Sylvanas either.

What concept of Sylvanas = pure evil, is so unclear. I mean Blizzard basically had her do every imaginable and disgusting crime.


I was going to come make a stupid joke like ‘no she likes me’ but I play an undead lel

(don’t reply with some loser bs like ‘actually she hates undead too’ like I don’t know that crap. it’s a joke calm down)

I don’t think she really cares. Knowing how off the deep end she is nowadays she would most likely stab her two nephews in front of Vareesa and then raise them just to spite her.

Yea, but they still said that Sylvanas isn’t evil and openly talked about their redemption plans for her.

Times change.
I’m sure before BFA they had different plans for her, but that changed.
The new narrative and they made absolutely crystal clear, is: Evil as hell.

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Not buying it. They’ll find a way to shove Sylvanas down our throats even further and once again make Sylvanas look like a mary sure that is superior to the entirety of Azeroth combined. Also, they’ll make Tyrande fail again.

But that would probably cement the player loss.
And after that I won’t care anymore as I won’t continue playing. So it doesn’t really bother me irconicly.

Either way.

At this point, Sylvanas doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Quite unlikely that gender is an affix here.

I’m still betting on the possibility that her nephews have long since been dead, and that Vareesa has been living in a delusion.

If we are playing in the silly:

Vareesa never had kids. Rhonin was sterile. When his magic wears off, those “supposed” kids will fade away… and she will be left dumbfounded. A dumbass banshee that missed the Banshee train when it stopped for her.

The thing is, her interactions with her family - and the living at large - arguably fit right in with the standard symptoms of undeath. It’s most other Forsaken who break the mold with how they deal with their circumstances. The behavior of Sylvanas and the more deranged fringe Forsaken fit right into the worldview of most languishing wraiths and ghosts haunting the living world in the wake of the trauma and disaster that slew them. They seethe with resentment for the living, obsessing over being separated from the world they used to know and wanting to make everything they loved in life rejoin them in death. So they lash out at the world in general when it turns out the living won’t willingly submit to that fate.

When it comes down to it, Sylvanas arguably comes across like what you’d get if any number of the myriad spiteful and broken undead spirits haunting Azeroth were actually given the power, position and tangibility to do what they’d really like to do to the living.

Maybe it’s because Lordaeron’s society is so Light-centric, with culturally baked-in ideas of the hereafter that can provide some measure of comfort (i.e. “maybe this whole undeath thing is the Light still testing us”) but most normal Forsaken citizens seem to still view their old lives favorably, while Sylvanas is pretty contemptuous of her living self, attributing her death to her old self being too weak to prevail, especially with Arthas gone and the revenge fixation gone with him. Sylvanas simultaneously wants to “survive” and hates herself at the same time - namely, her living self. Unfortunately, hating her living self doesn’t leave a whole lot of regard to spare for other living people, because she sees in them all the same frailties that she attributes to her own failure and torment.

So naturally, reuniting with her sisters resulted in a desire to make them join her in undeath. Because everything about them that’s alive is a reminder of what she loathes about her old self.


Actually my theory went more along the lines that, Vareesa did give birth but they died shortly after, she snaps, Rhonin uses magic to make her think her they are still alive, she lives in a half-fantasy world, and most people don’t dare confront the crazy Elf lady with high level connections, while a few others might use her “children” as a switch to flip her into a terminator mode to eliminate certain targets. Zendarin Windrunner, and the Purge of Dalaran.
Sylvanas doesn’t like that, decides to “release her” through undeath. Anduin off handedly mentions them, she flips back.
Maybe she will meet them in some scenario in the Shadowlands, and then really snap.

This is another cases of Sylvanas lying to herself; she respected Vol’jin and Varian in her mind.

I’ve never understood those people that doesn’t think Sylvanas is a genius to the core. What other character could possibly out smart themselves? I’ll wait.


She has contempt for the living yes, but at least up until BfA she had a soft spot for her sisters. Enough to get mournful when she got Alleria’s necklace and she was happy and looking forward to the idea of Veressa coming to join her in Undercity.

Of course being Sylvanas her love can be said to be warped into possessiveness. Thus why she would consider killing her little sister to raise as a Forsaken so the two would never be parted again.

Honestly it’s that part of Sylvanas I’m saddest about in their desperate attempt to turn her into a 8D Chess Master God.


This is a satire of that other thread about Tyrande, isn’t it…

Although in that Three Sisters comic she doesn’t kill them despite having plenty of Dark Rangers positioned to do precisely that.

Which seems like it might give her some nuance but really she just comes off as a crazy person who’s ideas don’t make any consistent sense.

Like, you also free Derek and Baine as an undercover loyalist. Which would make sense if the long con here was to get to that Second Siege of Orgrimmar to create an even higher body count which does seem to be her end goal.

But then why confront Saurfang at all? Why not just let the battle go down? She threw all that careful maneuvering away just for a grudge match with an insubordinate lieutenant?

She really just comes off as erratic.


As far as I know she didn’t because the feared Aleria and her void powers.