Sylvanas Bow

If I do not have the Sylvanas bow and I do heroic sylvanas tonight, will it drop the 233 version? The dungeon journal has it at 233, if it drops will the upgrade item potentially drop as well, or does it require me to already have the bow for it to drop?

Sanctum is fated this week, so if Sylvanas drops the bow on Heroic, it will be 297. Next week when Sepulcher is fated, if you run Sanctum again for some reason, it will be 233 again.

If you get sylvannas bow normal, can the heroic still drop? Im about to kill sylvannas normal on normal then we jump to heroic. Or how would you get it to heroic ilvl?

You can loot the upgrade item to heroic ilvl.

i got the bow on normal 2 days ago its 285 on normal. and yes you can get it on other modes. or upgrade with 20 of the heroic or mythic upgrade items to the mode you got them from.

I have the bow at 233 ilvl from previous season. can I upgrade it with the 20 of heroic item? or how do I upgrade it

you will have to get the “fated” version in order to perform an upgrade. so if you get it on say normal. then you can upgrade it to heroic if you kill 20 “fated” heroic bosses for 20 tokens. 1 per boss. and same goes for mythic. you can upgrade your normal version bow right to mythic if you kill 20 mythic bosses and get 20 mythic tokens. 1 per boss.

but the old season 2 version of the bow does not count. you need to get the season 4 fated version in order to upgrade it.

Anybody bought an upgrade token for a season 2 bow? what are the costs? One dinar or something different?

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Can confirm, you can buy 285 upgrade item for dinar to upgrade s2 bow, and after that use heroic upgrades to get it to 298.


YESSSSSSSS thank god

I am still waiting for the bow to drop for me. I did the raid when it was current, normal and heroic each week it was out, I couldn’t afford to pay for the mythic chance at it. Meanwhile during fated, have done it fated and not fated each week and still haven’t gotten it to drop. I am curious as to how many hunters are still waiting for it.

Ouch… Necro thread again.

I dont really need it as I wont do Mythic Raiding. I picked up an ilevel 301 range weapon from my Vault from Season 4’s 4th week. On the 5th week, ilevel 285 Rae’shalare, Death’s Whisper dropped from Sepulcher Fated Raid- Normal with 6 Hunters on it and I won it.

Nope, I didnt give it to other Hunters. It’s too valuable to give it away. I am using it as Transmog. Who knows if I decide to push for Mythic Raiding in the future? Just got KSM yesterday. I am keeping it just in case.