Sweet little lies from munny gwubbing bwizztard

Since the launch of Battle for Azeroth, we’ve noticed an increasing trend of players turning off XP gains at level 110 in order to repeatedly powerlevel other players’ characters at an excessive rate without increasing their own level. The intention of the XP-off feature is to allow alternate characters to stay in lower-level PvP brackets or relive lower-level content, not to purposefully halt progression in content relevant to the current expansion.

To curb this behavior, we plan to implement a hotfix in the coming days that will disable the ability to turn off XP gains on characters level 110 or higher. Additionally, any character of that level who already has XP disabled will find it automatically re-enabled the next time they log in.

120’s can do this in freehold. 120s can join lower levels in BGs and still have access to their azerite, cloak, neck, essences, and corruption. Put 120s who que with lower levels into a separate bracket or only allow them to join 120 BGs not with whatever level the lower player is.

On the topic of “halting progression in content relevant to the current expansion.” Don’t multi-boxers who herb and mine halt the progression of others due to the fact they can gather essentially 8 herbs across 8 accounts from one node at the same time thus gaining control in the auction house at a faster rate than what (guess off top of my head 98%) of other players can. Sure they pay for 8 accounts but they can charge 8x the price for herb or mineral if they please as they can buy out every other lower offer. Make nodes like classic or if people are within x amount of yards it goes away for them too They can run their own 2x4 suramar gold farm easily making 20-30k an hour per account. They are more likely to get that expensive mount drop. Old content but explains most of what i’m boohooing about youtube Mount Farming is Much Easier with Multiboxing… | Noob Tries Multiboxing #4

" In [video games], a bot is a type of artificial intelligence (AI)–based expert system software that plays a video game in the place of a human."- wikipedia A human plays one account (AI) plays the other 7.

I know nothing will change because you like getting those 8 subs or 20… Which i doubt they even have to pay for at this point due to how cheap and quickly they can afford a wow token. :money_mouth_face: