Swamp of Sorrows (Oceanic) We do not want transfers off our server

Allow Lionheart to transfer to Swamp. There are plenty of people on Lionheart that have expressed interest in coming across to Swamp, and returning to the game.

Opening Swamp to Jom will be devastating to Swamp (perhaps open it for Horde to leave).


There have been threads from Swamp of Sorrows people saying the server is dead and they want transfers off. What should Blizzard do and who should they listen to?
AUS realms so dead R.I.P - WoW Classic / WoW Classic General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

I do understand why you’d want a healthy OCE SoM server AND why you don’t want to see your server totally die.

On TBCC Blizzard merged the OCE and NA battlegroup, people complained loudly about latency so they unmerged, now those OCE players want the battlegroups merged with the NA again because the battlegrounds are not being run often and you need to plan your arenas around certain hours. So it was like a flip-flop.

They aren’t closing the server so people are free to stay, even if free transfers off get offered. So you just want no transfer then? (ok I read, you want PVE to PVP which Blizzard does not do for Classic, period. Not TBCC, not Era, not SoM now) I doubt anyone who rerolled on Jom for a higher pop will leave to go back there.


I would recommend this thread as there are people posting on their mains here.


You provided facts, Mootwo, but people are going to only see and hear what they want.
Which possibly means the scenario you have given warning about actually happening.

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I think you’ve made some good points regarding the inconsistent message they’re probably receiving from oce. People are different and want different things so it really is horses for courses.

The problem as I see it is they’re not proposing each way transfers. Just one way, from Swamp to Jom. That is not a good thing and people are rightly annoyed by the threat it poses to those remaining on the realm (myself and my guild included).

What is blizzard to do? Offer no transfers, or offer them each way. Not just one way. The other ‘no brainer’ is to merge the players from Lionheart PvE onto Swamp. Those are common sense solutions.

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I was the person responsible for ensuring they didn’t successfuly stealth merge tbc oceanic to na bg/arena servers the overwhelming majority over 1700 people said they didn’t want it in the thread i also got banned on forums for refusing to back down when they changed title of my posts. (Original post for what your talking about - Oceanic Realms Broken - Merged with US Battlegroup (Lag))

The reason why there’s issues with the queue times and arena times is because blizzard refuses to adjust to problems that smaller regions face rather than look to fix queue times / arena times they left them alone completely and that’s why people were complaining

They made some poor attempt to give people a item they can open after a bg or something that was about it

Oceanic has and always will be its own region with its own players we are never going back to being people on a NA realm we have our own servers our own communities and we want to keep it that way.

If a person wants to play on jom they can go re roll there like others have i know of personally 5 people who regret playing on jom and would instantly transfer back here

I know of at least 15 players on Lionheart OCE PVE who would instantly transfer to Swamp of Sorrows OCE PVP if it was open


I personally believe this is a bad idea for every OCE players, regardless of what they think.
OCE players that wanna go to a mega server are probably people that are leveling (so they have more dungeon running) or unemployed teenagers (so they don’t care about timezone for raiding)
In the long term opening a FREE transfer from an OCE server to an NA server will kill the entire OCE community, because people that will remain in SoS will have fewer people to raid with and guilds will eventually die, and people that will go to Jom will quit because of the lag and especially timezone (GL raid in an NA guild) and even if 2-3 guild of OCE players will emerge on Jom, they will have the same problem of SoS guilds, mega server yes but nobody will join a guild with OCE timezone.

Please not kill the OCE community, people that wanna play on Jom already rerolled (and most of them regret it), merge SoS with LHH server and make 1 OCE server, I agree we not need 2, but not allow the OCE server dying even more by splitting the community.


That’s fair, I agree with this, about people being able to pick which server to go to. I have probably a thousand posts about (mostly TBCC) server issues as this has actually been a huge deal to me, where I talk about choice all the time, so I do understand.

Also, I understand where you are all coming from with PVE (Lionheart) to PVP (SoS) but the chance of Blizzard doing this is small because they do not allow this type of transfer on any Classic server type, and there have been MANY MANY requests for PVE to PVP, as recently as today, and not on this thread. So just letting you all know that right now. They’d be more ilkely to do SoS > Lionheart as that’s PVP to PVE and they allow that.

Thank you for linking that, i replied somewhere back then saying that it would make sense to have the battlegroups be separated (so supporting you, one of many).

The problem is that since there have been many posters saying they want the battlegroups remerged. 761 posts in this thread:
So, once again, who should Blizzard listen to?

I am not saying that you all shouldn’t want that community. Not at all.

Note that the server transfer thIng would be a choice, you would not be forced to go to Jom. You could collectively decide to stay on SoS. Blizzard doesn’t tend to close servers and the chance of them closing a SoM server is very low since it’s on a timeline anyway.

Anyway, I’m not trying to start a huge argument and I agree with the idea of player choice for server movement. Hopefully, you can all get what you are after.

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Listen to people and what the issue is then resolve the issue don’t provide a bandaid solution that kills entire regions.

Why are the bg queues long or the arena queues long.

Okay how can we fix these issues

Some suggestions i remember floating were like specific amounts of time in queue then switching over to NA or same faction stuff or less strict match making there’s prob 100 other ideas of what could be done to improve times

What did blizzard do ? nothing

This will be the nail in the coffin of the SOM OCE community, open up free transfers between Lionheart and SoS. It makes significantly more sense to keep the OCE community together by condensing it into one server hosted in our region. we got servers hosted in our region for a very good reason that is no less valid today than it was when we got them all those years ago.


You know they enabled TBCC FvF (horde vs horde mostly) battlegrounds. Right? I’ll assume you do. That was a pretty big deal when it happened.

Still, people in the TBCC OCE servers only do AV on the AV weekends, and can’t get the marks properly.

Anyway, I’m not trying to debate that, it’s not even relevant to SoM because the battlegroups ARE merged here. So if you queue for battlegrounds in SoM you’re playing with us in NA and we’re playing with you, even if you want nothing to do with us as you seem to.

That was just something to be mentioned because yes some people there still want the battlegroups merged and that’s a fact.

Again, hopefully, you all get what you want. Expecting PVE to PVP transfers to happen here is extremely unlikely based on Blizzards track record but there’s a first for everything I guess.

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ya I hear playing one the 70/30 sever is super fun for horde.

Just enable all oceanic players to play on an oceanic server, keep the entire player base within their own region and you’d be surprised how large a community it actually is. Lionheart people want to come to SoS, Jom people want to come to SoS, just enable options for people to actually come back and play with a reasonable ping and raid times within their played region. Make this options available FIRST, and if that doesn’t work out then at least Blizzard had tried to keep the OCE region together rather then driving in the knife to the OCE community as a whole.


Som is a failure in general idk what you expected. You wanna go play a more balanced server with absolutely no good horde to speak of? Let’s not forget there are zero good classic guilds playing som for a good reason

I will eat a fetus if this happens. #unsubscribe

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your name implies you do that anyway

Speak for yourself. I want off this server. And to those that are saying Lionheart transfers will save Swamp, you’re utterly mad.

And those that say Jom players will transfer to Swamp? That’s… just crazy. Nobody in the right mind would transfer off a thriving server to a ‘Low’ population server.

You can stay in Swamp and continue playing on it, that’s on you. But don’t lock the rest of us here by making such a broad statement of “we do not want transfers”. I want to transfer my character off and I’m sure many do as well.


You don’t even play on the server.
You’re guildless.
You have no logs.

You’re probably 1 of the guys who re rolled to lag on NA and want to try to get your warrior across your not stuck anywhere if you didn’t wanna be on OCE then you shouldn’t of leveled on OCE simple.


I don’t play on Swamp anymore you know why? Because it’s dead as f. But I still want to get my character and stuff out of it so I can continue to play my warrior. Swamp is a sinking ship. You can convince your mates to continue playing on it or are you just terrified that they would jump over to Jom first chance they can get as well?

Blizzard can open the transfers. You and your mates are welcomed to stay on Swamp.

I want to get my stuff out of it so leave the whole ‘we’ out of it.

You don’t play on swamp cause you jumped on the bandwagon of players who thought it be cool to re roll jom.

The server didn’t die it has active guilds who clear mc and will clear bwl there’s new players leveling you thought that you’d get the opportunity to keep your character and probably transfer gold and items to jom.

You’re not going to get that opportunity because the vocal majority are firmly against any kind of transfers off our server which encourage players to leave.

Good luck with your re roll on jom stay there and don’t post on Swamp posts because your not a swamp player your an aussie playing on a laggy na server living with regret.