SV Band-Aids, by level of resources required

Resources Required: Level 1/5

  • Revive Pet cast time reduced to 3 seconds, down from 4, but it now revives one’s pet at only 60% HP.
  • Mastery: Spirit Bond buffed from ~21 points required per % increase decreased to 18.
    • By putting Mastery about even with Haste and Crit in its overall throughput benefit per stat point, as it affects only 54-59% of our damage, but then at about that portion of the cost of Haste, this is a notable buff to Serpent, Raptor, Mongoose, Butchery, Chakrams, Crows, and, to a lesser extent, Carve.)
  • Flanking Strike reduced to 20 Focus regeneration on a 20-second cooldown. Despite this 33% reduction to its cooldown, its damage has only been decreased from 169% of Attack Power to 125%, up from a would-be 113%, to compensate for not being affected by the buffed Mastery.

Resources Required: Level 2/5

  • New Survival passive, Take Every Advantage, added at level 10. This increases melee range by 2 yards (to 7 total), when wielding a staff or polearm.
  • Kill Shot no longer requires a melee weapon for Survival. It merely requires that one have a weapon (and is not disarmed).
  • Wing Clip now starts at a 20 Focus cost, thus decreasing to 10 at Rank 2, but its duration has been reduced to 10 seconds, down from 15.
  • Terms of Engagement instead deals its damage instantly and refunds half of one’s Focus spent within the next 10 seconds to a maximum of 20 Focus refunded. (This should increase its ability to benefit from chain kills and reduce waste.)
  • Chakram potency increased from 40 to 42.5% of Attack Power. (This is sufficient to sim evenly with competing options, though it will still likely underperform slightly in practice.)
  • Birds of Prey is now also affected by Carve and Butchery.
  • Mongoose Fury now increases Mongoose Bite damage by 25%, up from 15%, but stacks only 3 times. Duration reduced from 14 to 10 seconds to compensate.
  • Steel Trap now take 400% more damage to break NPCs out of. Unchanged in PvP.
  • Kill Command replaced by a new baseline Harrying Strike:

    Harrying Strike
    6-second recharge

    The closer or more able of you or your pet strike the target for (60% of Attack Power) physical damage, generating 15 Focus.

    Survival (Level 28)
    Harrying Strike a 25% chance to immediately reset its cooldown.

Resources Required: Level 3/5

  • Kill Shot’s cooldown now scales with Haste.
  • Raptor Strike, Mongoose Bite, Carve, and Butchery now cost 20-40 Focus, based on available Focus (spending 40 if at 60 or more available Focus, 30 at 40 available Focus, etc.), dealing more damage with Focus spent.
  • Serpent Sting now costs 10-20 Focus based on available Focus (spending 20 if 40 or more is available), increasing in duration with Focus consumed (to a minimum of 8 and maximum of 16 seconds).
  • Harrying Strike (formerly Kill Command) and Flanking Strike generate 10-20 and 15-30 Focus, respectively, based on missing Focus. The more Focus they generate, the less damage the skills themselves do.

Resources Required: Level 4/5

  • Disengage revised to be more responsive, scale with movement speed, and better climb over low obstacles.
  • Raptor Strike now reduces the cooldown of Carve and Butchery by 1.5 seconds.
    • This is both buffs AoE generally and makes NTA a bit more applicable to AoE (alongside BoP being affected by Carve/Butchery).
  • Latent Poison Injector stacks can now be consumed by Carve and Butchery.
  • Rylak’s Confounding Strikes now also triggers from Carve and Butchery.
  • Wildfire Cluster now deals 25% AP AoE damage + 10% AP split damage, reducing its maximal AoE performance when striking more than 3 targets, but increasing its single target performance by ~14%.

Resources Required: Level 5/5

  • Mastery: Spirit Bond replaced with Mastery: Coordination. Coordination causes a portion of your damage dealt to a target to be duplicated and stored, to be dealt by an attack of any other type (Ranged, Pet, or Melee). Kill Shot uniquely instantly consumes its own Coordination.
    • % value per stat point reverted and further slowed to 34 points (up from 24) required per % increase as this now affects 100% of Survival’s damage.
    • Notably, this allows for considerable feeling of setup and payoff, such as a chain of Kill Command casts (“Pet”) leaving a portion of their total damage in Coordination which can then be consumed by a Raptor Strike (“Melee”), or a Serpent Sting spread and Wildfire (both “Ranged”) then making for a finally meaty Carve hit (“Melee”).

The first two levels would be very nice changes indeed, rest is too much.

But since you worded everything like that, I will not like your post

Blink. Blink blink.

We’ve threads literally just comprised of venting about lack of dev concern, but a thread with concrete suggestions, layered by the likely development time required, makes a joke about actually getting some pity (read: improvements long in coming) and it’s too much?





idk what he’s on about but i personally would like that mastery change if nothing else

Overall I like the ideas in your post, but I agree with others you should change the tone to suggestive. Indirectly insulting the people you want to read your suggestions is not an amicable way to get changes.

Too long, didn’t read. Easier option is revert SV to ranged.


Rules for posting actual (actionable) suggestions to the Hunter forums:

  • Cannot house inside jokes or sentiments that can be construed as aggressive or jaded even if already seen in the majority of other Hunter forum threads.
  • Must be no more than a couple paragraphs in length.
    • Should also generally avoid any and all math except in terms of a number rounded to the nearest multiple of 5 followed by a percent sign and proceeded by “buffed by”.
  • Must condemn the creation (to be rapidly conflated with the existence) of MSV, even if this prevents the making of a productive post.


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The simple % per stat point buff in the first level or the mechanical change in the last, out of curiosity?