Survival Hunter Question (Serpent Sting Talent)

I’m not a new Hunter, but I’m back from a long (LONG!) break. I’m just trying to wrap my head around some things that don’t make sense to me at first glance.

I’ve been looking at (expert) hunter guides from Icy Veins, Wowhead, Noxxic, etc… and all talent builds include Serpent Sting (and Poison Injection)

My mongoose bite has a 30% chance of applying it, probably all of you have that as well.

I’m assuming they are taking it only because of Poison Injection (am I right?)

My question is this… Is taking both (using up those 2 talents) truly worth it? Especially for PvP? (I do both, but just now getting into level 70 stuff) where I could get something with a little more utility? Like example Pathfinding, Trailblazing, Steel Trap, etc…?

It’s because I look at their Talent advice, then I go straight to their Rotation (or “Priority”) and nowhere do they talk about actually using serpent sting (the Shot).

Can any experts sorta give insight on this for me? I don’t need hard math, just a relatively quick explanation.

Thank you.


Pretty much. It’s extra damage in ST fights, but in multi target fights if properly utilized it can be a good dps boost. With new tier sets combining this talent with that crit chance and crit damage furry of the eagle provides, it should give a big boost.

Hydras bite is as well good. If you play poison injection in multi target fights , you will have to switch targets before they die to consume injection stacks, which can be tricky. Hydras bite will give steady 20% damage on serpent sting thought the whole fight. Again you can pick either of these two talents you won’t regret it . Remember guides on internet are copy paste, and they are mostly done by third party websites doing dos checks.

If you check SV hunter guide it says it has good self sustain with ferocity pets. That alone tells me that who ever is doing the guide has just some internet knowledge.

this isn’t mentioned in the wowh/IV guides because between green bomb and vipers venom (the talent you mentioned) the DoT is always active

vv and green bomb basically make it non-existent as an actual keybind
you can still cast it while a tank is gathering mobs in m+, but you shouldn’t have to ever actually use the ability itself


So it’s for M+ and Raiding mostly.

For PvP is it worth taking? Like BGs or Arenas? Is the buff from Poison Injection worth wasting the 1 point getting the shot, or would it be better spent getting something else like Steel Trap?

you should be running both in pvp based on the comp, you drop explo for it
but yeah in pvp you will hardcast it at range when you cant actually engage to build up latent stacks

You should use poison injector when you wanna train someone in pvp you can use hydra if you are cleaving but I would never drop explosive shot in pvp. Poison injector can really pump if it gets it’s ten stacks. Also I almost never press it but its always on my target.

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