Suramar Story Line 7

I can not start the story line 7 for Suramar. They have no quest in Suramar to start that quest line. I have been playing for two months and am beyond friendly with them.

Which story line did you complete last? Can you describe it a bit further than “story line 7”? There are many questlines in Suramar.

Here is a good place to start:

I have completed story line 6 , I do not remember the last quest for story line six. But, do I have to finish giving Thalyessea all 100 percent of her mana bar before I can start the Story Line 7 quests ?

The storylines are generally not numbered like that, so I’m not sure if this is correct.

But there are 6 chapters to earn the Nightfallen, But Not Forgotten achievement. If this is where you ended, you’ll need to do the Good Sumaritan achievement. The first chapter starts at Lyana Darksorrow, who is located at 30,59 in the northern part of Felsoul Hold.


Thank you, I am sorry if I confused you I have finished all of the first six chapters. So I need to start the quest line that starts chapter 7. Sorry Again

according to the completed quest tracker, this character hasn’t done much of anything in Suramar.

there are 17 completed quests, out of the possible 276.

what is your reputation currently at?

six chapters of what?

Nightfallen, But Not Forgotten only has 6 chapters, so is it fair to assume that you’re talking about Good Suramaritan?