Supporting Shadowlands Improvements for Covenants and Conduits

If you’re passionate about trying to keep Shadowlands a great expansion and have been voicing your concern about the restrictions around covenants/conduits, I’d like to ask you: have you been active on social media about it?

Right now, social media is a more transparent and public venue. It’s also much easier to share the #pulltheripcord movement and gain support of it.

Social media is what brought over FOUR THOUSAND likes to this thread:

So if you want to continue supporting free-will and a flexible, player friendly covenant system that actually provides meaningful choices and reinforces the RP in Shadowlands, consider doing the following:

1 – Share any relevant threads on the forums via your social media platforms and continue to request support.

2 – Do DAILY searches on your social media platforms for the #pulltheripcord tag and do 2 things: (1) Like each post that supports the movement and (2) make sure that at least @warcraftdevs are tagged in the post; if not, comment and tell the poster to add it and add your own #pulltheripcord tag while you’re at it.

3 – Continue to create your own posts which include both the devs handle and the # tag, DAILY if necessary. Paste in any particular arguments/points that you strongly agree with.

4 – Above all – be respectful.

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But the only social media I use is the WoW subreddit…

Then use that as best as you can to support the threads that support the #pulltheripcord movement.

Also - consider at least signing up for at least Twitter since it’s likely the most streamlined social media platform next to Instagram?

I know people want to get the word out but I can’t ever in good faith recommend somebody sign up for the cesspool that is Twitter.

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I get that - just about every social media platform is a cesspool these days.

But large companies use a lot of text analytics through all the major social media platforms - so it’s one of the best ways we have at getting a change to happen when there’s less than 2 months to go.

What’s #pulltheripcord?

Twitter is for washed up celebs and tumblrinas. I’ll pass.

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Yeah I more just wanted to make a joke about Twitter.

I think both the way it is and the ripcord solution have problems so I’m not really voting for either of them here.

One feels like a band-aid and the other feels like putting a band-aid over top of the previous band-aid.

Social Media in general has devolved to include pretty much anyone.

Welcome to the party:

Well to be fair, the “ripcord” solution that players are suggesting is likely different from what Blizzard devs have in mind.

It’s always bitter sweet with them- they give with one hand and take with the other.