<SuperBestFriends> Ally on Stormrage 5/8M LF RDPS (mages!) Tues/Thurs 845 EST

SuperBestFriends (US ALLIANCE STORMRAGE) is a semi casual raiding, M+ing, and social guild focused on having fun. We formed at the start of BFA and contain players of all skill levels. If you’re looking for a tight knit community, to make close friends and progress, then we’re for you!

Going into 8.2 and the Eternal Palace, we are looking to fill out a Normal/Heroic team and a Heroic/Mythic team. (Mostly rDPS but all classes welcome to apply!)

Saturday Team (Normal/Heroic):

-Saturday Nights (9PM EST)

-Recruiting for all, but especially would love a tank!

Tuesday/Thursday Team (Heroic/Mythic):

Raid times: Tuesday/Thursday- 745 pm Central time - 11 pm central time (Main progression)

–Currently looking for DPS: Ranged DPS (Warlock, Spriest especially).

–If your class isn’t listed above, please still feel free to APPLY. We review case-by-case. We’re currently 9/9 H 3/9 M in BoD, 2/2 H CoS. Our --current goal for our Mythic team is to grab AOTC in about a month and hop into Mythic progression.

–We are not recruiting any raid healers or tanks at this time. BUT if you’d like to join the guild as a social and you heal/tank then feel free to message us!

Friday - 8pm central (ALT/NORMAL/FARM/SILLY AMAZING RACE STUFF/GNOME SLAYING) - Optional for all raid teams

Bnet info:


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