Super long ridiculous queue times for Dragonflight Dungeons

I’m level 65 now as of today and when I queue for Ruby Life Pools dungeon I spend 30min to an hour in queue, then I just quit out of frustration, there has to be others running the dungeon right? or am I wrong on this?

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I’ve been in 1 dungeon since launch and I think that was after about an hour or more wait time. I had forgotten I was even Q’ed when the thing popped up and gave me a little jump scare heh.

I’ve given up for now unless the guild runs it. I’m hoping as more hit 70 next week it will get better, but not a great experience on the first week.

I’ve not had any queues last longer than 10 minutes, but then again, I’m doing the random queue rather than specific. (And ironically, the first random queue I got - about 63-ish - was Ruby Life Pools.) The specific ones always go longer than the randoms.