Super Friends - New Leveling Guild needs committed officers

Windseeker is no doubt a very decent PVE Raid Server for Horde.
My Vision is to find a few like minded officers willing to contribute to helping keep the server strong. Officers needed must be willing to assist members leveling either quest or dungeon support. If you raid a couple nights, then on other nights, hopefully if you like helping players level up. Intention is to provide needed boosting support, to keep the server strong and develop tanks and heals primarily and some high dps classes, leveling with a purpose.
There is Lazy Leveling Service for boosting already for SM Cath Boosting Runs for Gold. Super Friends will seek to fill in the gaps where needed. Now we need more tanks and heals to hit 60, to keep the Server Horde alive and thriving. If your an experienced knowledgeable or willing player looking to be helpful and contribute to the server development as an officer in my leveling guild Super Friends, then please reach out to me my real ID is GMTushalova #1811
Selflessness and officer or Guild master experience a plus.
We also need a discord built. All professions too needed. Feel free to transfer to our server to join us, check with me first about officer positions. super Friends will be a fast track leveling guild to fill that niche. Not going to raid, leaving that to other guilds who excel in that area. I can also be reached on the following toons Tidalova karesinda inxskick Imaginepeace also you may either whisper me or send ingame mail.
Officers must:
Be Willing to help members complete quests
Be willing to help members with dungeons
Be willing to drop what your doing to help
Be willing to give more than you recieve
Have a friendly and welcoming attitude
Also need very sociable outgoing friendly types
Work well with a team of other officers to reach goals

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