<Super Adventure Pals> selling M+10 carries!

Wanna sit at the start of a dungeon while other people do the work for you?

SAP Realm 7th for BoD and Eternal Palace (currently), is now selling M+10 runs so you can do just that! Come have fun with us and get your 440 Weekly Cache and Residium at the end of the week for just 120k gold, (Arthas only - 150k gold for off-server)!

For questions/concerns/to setup a carry, add Beeans#11884 on BNET!

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Just did a ML10 super clean and fun run. I recommend this group. Was 50k less than the normal people.

Clean, cheap and best of all - I got to sit at the gate. All my runs with these guys were in time, as they guaranteed.

Great doing business with these folks, would recommend to anyone.

they were really quick, no problems at all, fun for me because I haven’t been playing that much so I get to test my spec with a good group, thanks again!

Good, clean run. Would recommend if you need a run.

Both me and a fellow guildie did runs with these guys and everything went great.
They were organized, fast and handled the off-server gold handoff easily.

If you want a M10 carry and are worried or stressed over it, then just contact these guys.

Also, you don’t have to sit at the entrance. It was fun to go along and watch them do their thing.

Clean and quick, easily got a +3 FH. Friendly peeps. Recommended if you want to buy a carry.

Clean run, super fast and finished with plenty of time to spare.