Sup y'all!

A friend and I are looking for other new/newbie players to game with. I’ll be making a rogue and she will be playing a healer. Hope to get some responses.

P.s we won’t know what factions we are playing till later today when she gets off work.

Hey there :slight_smile: if you decide to play Alliance, I have a casual community, we are very new player friendly! You can join using this link
And you can always add my btag if you want: Felagun#11374 :slight_smile:

Feel free to add me, ZackThaBoss#1862

Feel free to add me Mortredx#1171

We have a group that started new toons on Thrall, if you’re interested in joining us add isotopeblue#1152.

I’ll play a tank if you guys still want players lol