Sunwell release date is 5-19-22 at 3pm PST

Argus* still smoked it while current unlike yourself ya scrub. Dudes honestly on here bragging about lol shadowlands heroic kills… Pathetic.

Lots of fish in here taking obv bait

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odd, I don’t see that achievement on your main… it appears you’re lying. After getting the boss wrong and doing a quick pirouette…

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This thread turned into a dungeonfinder group


Re-killing the threats that would destroy the world before shadowlands came out.

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Actually we should go back in time and kill our younger selves in the game and let those same threats just destroy Azeroth then Shadowlands wouldn’t exist and we would be way better off.

Just an idea, Chromie where you at?


1/11 Mythic is easier than 11/11 Heroic too I mean…

11/11 heroic is easier than 2/11 mythic

My friend got it from the last raid of BFA. I still make fun of him for having no life.

Damn dude, you seem mad js

you can call mad but hes not wrong

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I keep joking in Classic chat that if we kill Sylvanas now, BfA and Shadowlands never happens. :joy:

R.I.P release date May 12th :frowning: I guess that logic wasn’t so logical :stuck_out_tongue: or maybe it required a little more brain power

Using the most miniscule amount of brain power humanly possible we were able to determine the 19th.

You came to the right place lol


This didn’t age well…



We’re in daylight savings time right now.

HA HA you were wrong all along and Blizzard passed you a fast one. Better luck next time and Blizzard keep on surprising me!

Definitely my new favorite bookmarked page LOL

Twelve hundred keks were had

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