Sunday Evening - Wanderer's Festival

I am trying to get the achievement ‘Wanderer’s, Dreamers, and you’ as well as catch the wanderer’s festival hatchling. This is apparently done in Krasarang Wilds in Pandaria 9pm and 11pm Sunday evenings. I tried last week but nothing showed. Apparently there is supposed to be a wandering herald that shows up near the turtle statue to let you know what time, but I have yet to see it on Sunday AEST. I put in a ticket to confirm the info was correct and a GM said it was but to check with the community of there was an issue as it might be bugged. Has anyone had issues seeing this event Sunday evenings?

So I read on Wowhead (in a comment buried down below) that someone from AU turned up 9pm Sunday PST time (2pm Monday, AEST). I did this and the event happened and the achievement popped, but dated Sunday, 30th May. I was under the assumption that on Oceanic servers the realms operated on AEST with those times as event triggers. Not sure if this is a bug or as intended :frowning: