Summoner Class

I want it!

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I must assume you mean other than Demonology Warlock, because that’s pretty much been their thing since Legion.


But Warlocks already exist???


I don’t consider demo a true summoner class. It still does a lot if its damage through casting spells. I want a true summoner class that casts huge monsters as its only source of damage with a lot more pet micro-management than hunter or warlock pets.

Demo literally summons dozens of minions to do the majority of its damage.


bro, true summoner is too hard. imp staff is underpowered for the wall of flesh and you don’t get any real upgrades until you kill a mechanical boss

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Demo just doesn’t feel like a summoner class. It’s a lock with extra pets.

Your entire toolkit is dedicated to summoning demons to deal the vast majority of your damage, and sacrificing/empowering them to meet that goal.


What would a non-warlock summoner summon though? Can it be a critter class?! Like summoning a force of squirrels with axes or angry sheep with nothing to lose. Because then I’d be onboard!

A Summoner class like in FFXI would own WoW.

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There isn’t much micro-management of the pets. Just summon and forget. Summoning a big baddie and having to micromanage all his abilities along with support and movement of the summoner.

You don’t want a summoner class, you want a puppeteer.

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No, pinocchio sucks.

WoW’s equivalent of FFXIV’s summoner is demonology. They practically do the same tihng.

play something else?

I dont see how micromanaging a pet would work in WoW.

You would just have normal rotational abilities that caused your pet to do something. Like BM Hunter.

What are you wanting to micromanage?

“I’d like Demonology to have a Golem.”

OP is talking about FFXIV’s summoner, which we had at one point…legion’s demonology. Remember how you spammed demonic empowerment after every demon summon? That’s sort of how summoner works. Their pet-empowerment skills are on 1-2 min CDs due to being powerful and they can control when the pet uses their special abilities. On top of that, they put 2 dots on the enemies at all times and can then do an AOE on the target to spread DOTS, and they have basic spell(in mechanical terms to shadow bolt) which upgrades to a no-cast version when procced for a few casts. They also summon temporary powerful summons like demonology’s demonic tyrant.

Unfortunately this wouldn’t work in WoW cause it’d either be underpowered or overpowered with 1.5 GCD as opposed to their 2.5 GCD.

Ok. But none of that sounds like “micromanaging a pet”

It just sounds some abilities part of your natural rotation.

The micromanaging comes where you have to use your pet’s skills instead of your own spells in certain situations as well as proc the greater summons and time their special abilities in a short burst window(bahamut->phoenix). And you do this every 1 or so minute on CD. In a way you play as your summons instead of your own class if that makes sense but in a way your right too.