Summer Sale is here! Save Big on Mounts, Pets, Game Services, and More

Summer Sale is here! Save Big on Mounts, Pets, Game Services, and More.

Welcome the summer with great WoW® deals on special items up to 50% off now through July 4!

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I just got it cause i had most items but i was missing a few things and the toy! :smiley:

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Just need the auth servers fixed so i can pick up that Baby Murloc Baby Backpack.

Is Drakks included if we just buy the physical Collector’s edition. I plan to do so and wonder if I really have to digitally order the expansion to get the pet?

I wanted to but I can’t log in…: /

Sure, after you let us log in.

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Is this a troll? Posting this while your servers are broken?


Aw yeah thanks. Now I can still spend $0 :smiley:

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Well we have a toxic gaming community due to a toxic gaming company. Not surprising they’re doing something this stupid.

Discount the 60 boost.


Price check on working authentication servers.

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It says the price would be discounted for items I already own, but the total is full price? I’d like to get this, but I don’t want to pay for things twice.

And being able to log in to play with new items would be great, thanks.

Guess some hacker kid got mad the pre-purchase is starting today?

Game services are only 30% off? Lol

So no physical collectors edition for Dragonflight?

Race change still 18 dollars argh. I was waiting for it to drop to use it on an alt but I’m still a cheapo. I don’t want to spend it.

Offer valid through July 4, 2021.