Summer Sale is here! Save Big on Mounts, Pets, Game Services, and More

bruh who is going outside, its been like over 100 every dang day, its terrible


I was really hoping to see TBCC deluxe on sale.
I think I have everything else using tokens over the years for most of em.

Think of it this way. It’s the coldest summer of the rest of your life.

I literally just bought the Vulpine Familiar on Sunday. :no_mouth:

Where you are. Where I’m at it’s barely 70 farenheit. Anyway, summer time, a lot of people play at night for a bit so the sale makes sense now.

Anchorage Alaska is at a cozy 60F right now

That’s how their summers typically are, 60s, no more than 80s

Tell me who wouldn’t like that kind of life


must be nice, I need to get a house in alaska for the summer

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:man_playing_handball: :money_with_wings: :desktop_computer:

It’s cheaper than you might think, but the best properties are all owned already.

My grandfather bought 5 acres on a lake up there. Pays taxes and such just to maintain ownership but he never meant to go there. He wanted something to leave us. It’s worth 20 times more now even undeveloped but I won’t sell it once he passes.

I just bought the Shadowlands upgrade for $20 last night. I feel bad now.

The light change takes a bit of getting used to and the winters can be a killer.

It’s always something, no matter where you are.

I much prefer the cold


Agreed. You can always put more clothes on, you can only take off so much without getting arrested.

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Lmao thanks for listening blizz i appreciate it

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Same here. It’s usually easier to get warmer than it is to get cooler.

Then why are you still living in Texas :thinking:

Cause I work here :frowning_face:

Speaking of which Vhx, have you been noticing a lot of vehicle’s with new license plate papers lately

People are buying cars?


Yes… But it’s alot more than usual that’s why I’m asking if you noticed the trend as well