Sulfuras Server Queue

To all the people that said Sulfuras wasn’t worth the transfer, what’s it like to sit in queue? OH WAIT now that’s me on Sulfuras too….

Seriously though, it’s scary that Sulfuras already had a queue last night, granted it was a small one. I am just hoping that Blizz hops on this early and closes the paid server transfers to the realm while the population is still in a manageable situation. IF they don’t then it’s going to be another unplayable server for who knows how long in two weeks when the release happens. Which means anyone who transferred to be able to play, wasted their time.

They seem to be monitoring the situation pretty closely, and attempting to make decisions that will be helpful for the longevity of server health. At least, that’s the sense I get from the blue posts in this thread:


how long was the q? like 1k player or more ?

I had a 15 minute que around 8 cst last night.

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i had to leave the server like 4 months ago with my guild when the server was dying down and we couldnt manage to recruit competent players that we could trust to show up everyweek

was an amazing server throught classic and most of tbc
shame that mega servers meta happened

It doesn’t exist most of the time and at absolute peak hours it is maybe 10 minutes. It’s quite impressive how active the server is now. A bit of a double edged sword for sure, but overall a great improvement.

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