Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros - Complete

Holy nipples what’s with all the accusations? The presumption that the participants don’t even have girlfriends is so 1999. Jeez, one wonders if the accusers have ever even shared their beds with something other than their hands.

Grats to the Guild and server, no doubt it was the effort of many players from different raid groups.


Pretty sure China already had one?


That was like 3 days ago.

Cheats! Scoundrels! Hackers and thieves! Layering, laaaayerriiiiiing!

What’s that word I’m looking for? Ah yes: “Toxic!!1”

In seriousness, it’s cool to see all these firsts done so quick, it’s like all those DooM and Quake speedruns - once you know what you are doing it’s entirely possible to clear a game with skill and brutal efficiency.

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Its good for them for pvp. I could see a human using it but that dude is orc.

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Someone mentioned Esfand’s random MC reset in this thread, which is a pretty clean example of the other end of the spectrum. In that case, they just turned up to raid and the instance had been reset. They didn’t do anything intentional to cause it or go looking for reproduction steps so they could abuse it - in fact, they reported it to us and didn’t continue until they got confirmation that it was out of their control (and that we wouldn’t consider it an exploit if they cleared).

Side note for the curious: that was a completely separate bug that has existed since 2004, and actually happened several times back then, it just wasn’t being broadcast to thousands of viewers at the time.

The raid reset bug is an entirely different bug with no known reproduction steps. The instance layering exploit only applied to dungeons.


Also if a guild like APES discovered that bug, and figured out how to repro it, I don’t see them sharing it/making it public.

I, too, believe the government is stealing my thoughts.

Bruh, have you never played at a high competitive level?
Cuz that’s what APES is doing.

Extremely competitive guilds(Clans in FPS games) keep a lot of info to themselves. Gives 'em an edge. Basically, it’s the “Anything to win” mentality.

Nothing wrong with it, but it’s there in gaming.

Or, hold that thought a moment because you’ll want to think about this:

APES has been playing and practicing on vanilla private servers for years. I stated this in one of my earlier posts, but after years and years of farming the same content (that is, vanilla) it’s inevitable that people manage to get it down to a science. It’s hard for other players to accept that maybe after 15 years, Classic isn’t as hard as they would have hoped.

And don’t even get me started on private server content scaling. A lot of them make the content a lot harder than it usually is (for example, I recall my guild explaining a mechanic on Rag would deal 2k+ damage on private servers, but only 600-800 on Classic).

When you’ve become a hardened raider attuned to that level of difficulty, imagine how easy the content is when it’s downscaled – that is, how it is in Classic.

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Just being able to make the materials for the hammer like the Arcanite Bars seems impossible. You mean to tell me there are 50 arcanite transmutes with materials ready to go in such a short time? Then there are the other materials. I can see a guild farming these things but the timeline seems to be awfully short.

Did you not read what I just said?

People blasting through content(Private server or otherwise) is a problem in and of itself, and related to another topic entirely. The fact that Classic is a much easier version of an already reasonable easy game to begin with.

WoW was launched as the “Casual’s MMO” because of games like EQ, AC, and DAoC being “Too hardcore” for the general public.

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I’d think so. Firemaw is one of the most progressed realms in Classic right now. MC is pugged many times a week and it’s safe to assume there are countless people at max alchemy, especially in a dedicated raid guild that use transmutes from day 1 of hitting 300. The arcanite transmute recipe is easily accessible, bought from Gadgetzan for 5 gold.

You can have 50 max’d out alchemists not on the same guild.

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Ya I think people are struggling with the concept that not all the materials came from within the guild. A server a 10k+ would have dozens if not hundreds of max level Alchemists.

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Yeah just seems to be a short time for it is all.

Bravo, bravo! Just keep away from me with that thing, I left my sunscreen back at Orgrimmar.



world first was 15 years ago
none of this is ¨real¨

First off guy, I haven’t played retail in ages. So no, I’m not a retail troll. Second, it’s the drop chance of the ingots. Also, if one person was able to reset all the bosses up to Rag then I am sure other people did as well, it’s just that not everyone talks about things like that. Also going back to the ingots here’s a post from WoWhead to give an idea on the drops.

Ok… just to clear things out.

You need to create the Sulfuron Hammer first. Then you combine the Sulfuron Hammer with the Eye of Sulfuras to create the legendary weapon.
Any Blacksmith can create the Sulfuron Hammer and the rep with TB has nothing to do with it.
All you need are the plans. To get the plans, you need 1 Sulfuron Ingot (drop from Golemagg, Drop rate is pretty low im raiding MC each week since sept 05 (january 06 now) and we only have 2 ingots so far) and you have to talk to the guy from TB in the BRD bar.
Once you give him the ingot, (removed part because of language rules) and the plans to create the Sulfuron Hammer.

The mats for the Sulfuron hammer are:
8 Sulfuron Ingots, 50 arcanite bars, 20 Dark Iron bars, 25 essences of fire, 10 blood of the mountain, 10 fiery cores and 10 lava cores.

In order to create the legendary weapon, you need another legendary drop from Ragnaros (The eye of Sulfuras). The eye of Sulfuras also have a really low drop rate (05% or so).

The damn item dropped 1 time from Rag and I was not on the run =(

The drop rate is considerably low. Of course it’s possible that RNG was just smiling upon them and felt the need to bless everyone involved. I don’t know. But unfortunately because some people don’t play fair and get ahead because of it it DOES leave me skeptical. I’m not saying it 100% was done with exploits, but there is always a chance and with it being a common thing recently I can’t dismiss the idea.