Suggestions for making rp servers unique

Funnily enough it’s the systems that make me the most disappointed. The story is bad, but I at least can swallow it. Warmode killed what was left of WPvP, and the whole corruption, azerite trait thing wasn’t what I enjoy at all. No class sets, etc

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Same. BFA just doesn’t have any replayability that interests me. Transmog farming is more engaging.


I agree. And a little bit don’t, I can barely log in to retail to RP anymore. Farming mounts and transmog pieces used to be fun to me, but right now classic is holding my interest. I’m genuinely having fun there for all the reasons I don’t like retail/BFA.

Hopefully you enjoy it for a good long time. Needing a break from a (and I don’t really like using this word) toxic gaming environment is necessary. BFA really has a cloud of negativity that is pretty infectious. It’s a bit suffocating.

Hope you can enjoy retail when the pre-patch drops. They rescheduled the SL Update for July 8th I think.

Wait, the Shadowlands prepatch stuff comes out then??

No no. Sec.

It’s Ion giving the playerbase an update on SL stuff. Though we might get a pre-patch release date.

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Agreed. The world and realm looks much more alive when there’s more players roleplaying. The difference between, say, WrA’s Valley of Honor and MG’s Valley of Honor is staggering – it’s packed most of the time on WrA, but you can see tumbleweeds rolling around on MG. (…though merging WrA and MG together probably wouldn’t work since the populations of both servers are pretty high, among other issues)

Well, Blizzard does have a pretty decent track record of releasing a good or great expansion when the previous expansion was bad…

im still gonna shoot for the parking lot and hope to end up in the stars somehow with this one

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Gotcha gotcha. That makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not my main. I’ve been posting with my MG toon here for years, and anybody paying attention more than five seconds knows that, but nice try.

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We have moved on, Levington from Moon Guard.


I’ve submitted a ton of suggestions over the years and I’m almost certain none of it has been implemented, but tbh I don’t keep track either.

I was excited about the tents that leatherworkers could make in WoD, but then they limited it to WoD zones and put ridiculously short timers on them. Great item, totally wasted.

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So you people can be as nasty, passive aggressive, and mean as you want and when I respond, as is my right, you’ve suddenly moved on?


Hey, look, did you know people can play on more than one server?


Yeah it is isn’t it lol

Anyway, back to OP’s topic at hand. Again.

And I’m here too!

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I enjoy you, Rakham. Never change.

I do my best, but I am aging like fine milk left in a hot car in the middle of the desert.

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The only concern I have with RP server exclusive features is that it could invite the wrong crowd, if ya know what I mean.

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