Suggestion : Sniper Shot / Aimed Shot. Pls dev click here if u exist


New talent: Sniper Stance/Redesign Sniper Shot or baked into Aimed Shot

Aimed Shot now ignores your primary target’s armor (and deals 5% of the target’s maximum health as damage if this is a PvP talent ) when fully casted.
Aimed Shot range increased by 20%

Your armor is increased by 100% while casting Aimed Shot.

  • Will only work while casting Aimed Shot, won’t work with Lock n Load.
  • Reduce Aimed Shot by 10% damage in addition to this change, it currently does too much damage to cloth and not enough to plate armor types.

(Boltaction) #2

not a bad change there. but MM is one of those classes that excels at pressuring healers. im afraid something like this would cause them to lose the only real niche they have (cloth killer) in pvp. they just don’t have the tools to compete in arena. the spec just don’t seem really meant for it


Not a fan of that proposed change, sounds like a nerf to me. Doesn’t seem like there is a ton of MM hunters running around right now in PVP and there are other far more popular classes that need to be tuned down. MM are already one of the least represented classes in arena. What are we trying to accomplish with this proposed change, kill off all viability completely so we no longer see MM in BGs either?

We do too much damage to casters? That is a new one I haven’t heard. I know casters hit me like a ton of bricks themselves. We may struggle with plate classes but that is where kiting can help, to an extent.


Sorry, I don’t mean to be too critical. You were at least proposing a balanced approach of taking something away to give us something in return.

I could see how adding 100% armor while casting aim shot would give us more survivability, especially in more confined areas like arenas. I just don’t like the notion of messing with sniper shot, which I really enjoy in its current state. I personally think of MM hunters as a mobile kiting sniper. Facetanking damage while casting a big damage ability reminds me too much of the already existing destro lock playstyle.

(Masoschism) #5

5% of say, 150k health is 7500 damage. That would be a nerf of ~75+%. Your numbers are a bit off.

While I don’t think a “sniper stance” is a bad idea, this implementation needs a bit of work. I do really like the idea of an incentive to stand still though.

My thought is to build it in to Aimed Shot. Allowing Aimed Shot to be castable while moving, but having say 50% armor penetration if you don’t move while casting it. It solves a lot of problems and is self balancing in PvP. Adjust overall damage numbers accordingly.

As to your premise however, I do not think Aimed Shot does too much against cloth. It is just about right imo. Careful Aim may still be problematic however.

(Boltaction) #6

just bring back old mastery if you are gonna do anything like this. lower the base damage of aimed shot to compensate for it doing way more damage if you stand still

(Afterimage) #7

They’re not gonna change MM/BM until 9.0, but if we can dream, here’s my proposals:

  • Lone Wolf damage increased by 13% (currently 10%)
  • Rapid Fire slows all effected targets by 50% while Rapid Fire is channeling.
  • Aimed Shot ignores armor by 50%
  • Arcane Shot & Multishot extend Serpent Sting duration
  • Steady Focus effects Aimed Shot (not Steady Shot)
  • Binding Shot returned to it’s former glory and stuns instead of roots
  • Explosive shot damage significantly increased
  • PvP Talent: Double Tap makes next Aimed Shot also knock target back
  • PvP Talent: Multishot spreads Hunter’s mark by for 10 seconds (if target has Hunter’s Mark)
  • PvP Talent: Rapid Fire leaches 25%

(Boltaction) #8

MM pretty powerful right now. this would make them a huge outlier in pve. I do like the leach from RF idea though. Making it apart of TS is better as I think its too powerful to work off of every RF. this would turn TS into a beneficial defensive cd

(Boltaction) #9

I will say that I think they need to take focus away from MM. it doesn’t go with the spec. put arcane on a short cd with 2 charges. bake in steady aim to steady shot, so you have a reason to cast it and bam. you have spec that flows. you could then change the cd of aimed shot to tune the spec

(Afterimage) #10

Lone wolf change to make our single target better than with pet.

Ignore armor is the only significant pve buff. All others are utility or increasing power to non-performing talents.

RF changes are more pvp gap/utility stuff than anything else.