[Suggestion] Auto-lock of threads in General Discussion after a certain time of inactivity

I posted about this topic a while ago in GD, but when i was told in CS a while ago also that any suggestions for the forums can be made here, I thought to make a suggestion for this:

Anyways, to be on topic, the EU forums has this, some of the other sub-forums have this, but this doesn’t exist on General Discussion forums. An auto-lock after a certain period of inactivity. What baffles me is that, there is a rule into regarding necro’ing old topics, although not exactly all that common, but isn’t rare either, but when other forums or the EU forums have somethings that can help prevent this rule from being breeched, it makes me question on why GD doesn’t have this.

So, can I please suggest for an auto-lock to threads in GD after a certain period of inactivity. I’m thinking a month of inactivity should do.