Suggested change for the 30 instance cap

While I remain firmly against the 30 instance cap I feel a lot of the criticism can be removed by excluding “grey” dungeons from the 30 instances.

Essentially a grey dungeon would be a dungeon that a max level character would see the vast majority of dungeon npcs as trivial encounters.

What this does: opens up feral Druids to farm as many mcp as they want along with removing the penalty from max level characters helping friends/guild mates in the majority of leveling dungeons.

Criticism: the change this would make would open up people to buy/sell runs for leveling content along with runs for some oddball bis items “namely the ring that drops from the Mara princess”

Overall: I still think it would be a good alteration to the blanket 30 instance cap as it would help make running lower level content less punishing on max level players while letting ferals gather mcp without making them choose between raid prep or playing the pve side of the game.

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No. The change is fine and all these mages pretending to defend the .001% of feral druids impacted aren’t helping.


I’m not a mage

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Sure thing friendo

I’m not a mage either.

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Make it a weekly 210 instance cap, done. If you consistently farm more than 210 instance resets a week, try going out into the world in World of Warcraft to farm your 200,000 gold you feel you need for some reason.

we aren’t mages either.

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for the last time, you’re not a warlock.

I am not a mage.

I’m not a mage or druid and I think systems that prevent people from playing the game how they want should be removed.

Remove the 30 instance cap.

So punish people that are grinding equal level dungeons for gear, but promote boosting?