Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

Just make a belf-satyr with a leather harness and boom, incubus

remember to bump the thread tho


That’s an epic write up! Good job on that thread!

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after losing most of their subscriptions? LOL.
money talks.

I’m sorry for your loss.

I do not have netflix. i canceled it with the masses.
Sorry you have to use -that- as some sort of victory over disagreeing about the succubus.

You cancelled it when they pulled cuties?

No troll.
I canceled it when they put it on.

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Still disagree. Succubus must stay, you can leave tho. lol

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Suuuuure you did…

wink wink

only thing I have is amazon prime. Last thing watched on there was george carlin. Should watch it. may help you out in not bein a snowflake

You cancelled your Netflix because they cancelled cuties.

Who is the snowflake here?

You are.
Reading comprehension isn’t for you, is it?
I canceled it because I do not support the exploitation of children.
Let’s see you twist that into something.
Also sort of lost interest, because Daredevil was over. Tried getting into the Punisher but lost interest.
Cuties was the catalyst. So I ended the expense. Wish Canada had excess to HBO Max

I’ve never heard of hbo max excess what is that?

What is hbo max excess?

Never heard of HBO Max?
We don’t have HBO Max in Canada.

You said hbo max excess what is that?

I’ve heard of hbo max.

Canada cannot use HBO Max. Not in our country.
We do not have access too it.

That sucks. What about HBO max excess?

This whole thread is stupid. If you were a round in the early days the Succubus wore a lot skimpier clothing. Why not make them Anime lil girls with big boobs and lil school girl outfits with panties showing… This type of look most anime players adore but when it come to WoW the Succubus (which looks adult) is subject to scrutiny…This is a hilarious reaction as well as sad. Just leave them alone.

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This isn’t an anime game. If you want an anime game go play dragon ball z .