Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

I’d buy that for a dollar!

Yeah I don’t know, elves dont really have a power over sex that’s part of their identity so not sure if it’s the same thing. And Sylvanas and the Succubus’ in game are both covered up

Sylvanas’s newest armor i can agree, but succubus isn’t on that level yet.

Why is this trash troll thread still going 3 months later?


A succubus is meant to be the way she looks, enticing. But will be the death of you. They are Demons that serve a purpose by luring thirsty men to their deaths by feeding on life essence. You ain’t gonna do the same thing or be allured to a demon in a full suit of armour :man_facepalming:

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Being Warhammer 40K fans: Adepta Sororitas is best waifus.

I have not even looked at forums for a month and this thread is still going… well played Lokath, troll or not have to admire your dedication

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Adding an incubus option and customization option to all of the demons in general, not just the succubus, may be nice for warlocks.

I don’t know if there are any gameplay mechanics that also need addressing, and I would defer to warlock players to name which of those need to be addressed before we start looking into cosmetics.

The succubus (and by extension the Shivarra as well) is only sexist to people who consider anything “sexy” to be sexist.

I think customization options can be made available to the player and let the players decide from there how they want their digital avatars and digital companions to look.

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Regardless of any snowflake I’m offended logic …if they made it that you could customize the succubus into a Karen the showed up in a mini van when you summoned her … I would play nothing else


Nope :rofl:, even Nurgle demons show more skin. The Op would have a full blown melt down over Slannesh demonettes. Those are full kink waifus

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I remember back in vanilla when I first got the succubus, I didn’t have another pet out for months. I even had the full wow nude mod and it was the funniest thing ever seeing all these level 1 toons running around naked.

As you said, let people customise the game the way they wish to see it. Not how a minority is forcing them to play.

Heretic. Armoured Waifus > Oozing, dripping, perverted, festering slaaneshi… Hold on. Now you say it.

I’m beginning to see the good points of the Prince now.

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You have no idea how hard this made me laugh.

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Trash troll thread? If you read past the title you’ll find lots of thoughtful discussion.

Dude we’ve been over this - most new people coming into this thread are going to read the first few posts then skip to the end because no one is going to read 3000 + posts on the topic.


retail undead models are so bad, I agree

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Which is a shame. This is some quality reading.

I’m jelous of the succubus class.

I wish I could play a succubus with a spec that lets me charm mobs and run around with them as my pet sorta like a hunter.

The other spec my succubus class would have would make other ppl feel bad about themselves.

And finally there would be a tank spec which would make it so ppl wouldnt want to hit me and instead just stood their in awe of my beauty.