Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

Thanks, I wondered what opinion the MRA’s and Incels had formed on this issue!

Oh I have, trust me.

You gotta read may, you gotta read!

What the heck is an MRA?

Miraculously Radical AndCool?

I have a large number of RL Female friends in the game and they have all expressed their desire for more scantily clad armor sets… Just saying, just because a dude is offended, doesnt mean the girls are…


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</3 honestly

Necro? This has been a hot button topic for a month now.

I think we’ve moved beyond the point of the OP trolling. They’re just an actual idiot. :rofl:


You suggest removing the Succubus but in the same post you suggest that if not able to be done, just add an Incubus with the Succubus as a compromise? If one is offensive but the other type of the exact same thing isn’t unless you add them together… than how is the first (Succubus) offense on its own but not offensive at all if you add the other (Incubus) along with it? Its either appropriate or not, am I mistaken on that?

What if it was an Incubus all along? Would you suggest to add a Succubus to make it less offensive? This is confusing.

I don’t care about this succubus thing either way, if its removed/altered at all. I never thought of the Supernatural Demon from Folklore as anything more than just that (as I knew of them before WoW existed), just the Original Post is slightly confusing and needs to be more concise. That being said I can see how it’s deemed sexual as that is exactly what a Succubi/Incubi is/does, intentionally to lure the weak-willed into submission and then consume them (their souls) to live as a Succubus/Incubus has the weakness of Mortality and Decapitation.

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what a joke of a thread


This is older than WoW. Either you are totally ignorant of the history and origin of Succubus or you are attempting to bring back the “White Knight” phrase.
“As depicted in the Jewish mystical work Zohar (which first appeared around the 13th century) and the medieval rabbinical text Alphabet of Ben Sira, Lilith was Adam’s first wife, who later became a succubus. She left Adam and refused to return to the Garden of Eden after she mated with the archangel Samael.”
Putting aside the Biblical ideas you are wanting to remove an idea that is over 800 years old. How dare you.
“Succubus is also known as demon female lover who approaches males in their dreams to have sex. This is a phenomenon that is rarely described in psychiatric literature. It is more identified as a cultural belief in different religions.”
Try looking up the cultural history across the globe BEFORE you try to rewrite it or cancel it.

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You’re dumb.


If a female wants to wear a chain bikini why shame her?


Its a succubus, Blizzard actually toned down what a succubus is for it to be suitable to be in a game rated T for Teen. She’s a demon, she’s supposed to portray the sin of lust and she’s supposed to deliver the folly the sin of lust leads to by charming people, and being seductive. She’s all inclusive, she even charm’s women.


I added that because of other players suggestions. Equality is a step in the correct direction.

I actually like the idea of incubus/male succubi, or maybe even androgynizing the existing model while maintaining some non-gendered sexuality. It always did seem a little weird to me that warcraft succubi were exclusively female, feels like a pretty obvious product of a very male-oriented development team. And I’m a man, and happy to be one, tyvm.

Plenty of people agree

All of your points have already been made and addressed

i think the Felguard is supposed to be the male version of the same genetic stock of the succubi but I agree male/female totally random what u get and need to go to a warlock specialist to change it’s sex would be hilarious comentary on everything IRL but that is probably to contentious for Blizzard a step to take.

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