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Will we get dynamic ground mounts at some point?


Why are you ignoring the other half of the planet’s surface?


Soloable BFA and Shadowlands raids coming anytime soon? Waiting to outgear is one thing but there are bosses that can’t be except by pet classes due to mechanics that cannot be done solo.


My question is for my Lovely Dracthyr, will there be any improvements to their transmog? If not can we ever expect to see at least the Evoker Tier sets as a “armor” option in the barbershop? Seeing as it only ever makes sense for evokers only able to he Dracthyr.

Also Evoker Tank Spec when?


When exactly will each type of flying (dynamic flying and traditional flying) be available in War Within? Are we going to have to put up with yet another war on traditional flying with a Pathfinder achievement to unlock it? If so, why is that logical at all?

Edit: I understand from the Deep Dive that TBC flying will be available “shortly after” max level, after exploring the zones and doing the main storyline quests, but again, how is it logical to gate TBC flying at all?

Dynamic flight is available at launch with no unlock necessary. TBC flying should be treated exactly the same.


Oh I got another one.

When we get BFA time walking, will the brutosaur come back in any capacity even if it’s a reskinned mount?


Deep dive isnt out yet as of writing this so sorry if any of this is adressed there.

I have a couple questions mostly easy too

Even though i dont play on a role play server i had a question and kind of an idea for Legendary Weapons. If you think about it lore wise almost all Legendary weapons would be the best you could use forever until you get an artifact weapon. So is there a chance you guys might add in a mechanic to upgrade old Legendary weapons to say maybe 10-15 item level lower than what ever the current content is.
So say max item level for high end gearing is 520 you could upgrade Shadowmourne or Sulfuras to 500. It wouldnt give you an over the too advantage but would also help people like me who have no luck getting new weapons get just that boost to get into a better raid group. It also adds a reward to long time players who earned them back in the day and gives new players something else they could work towards if current content is being unfair in drop rates.

What did you guys mean by being able to play more like a Dark Ranger thats a dream come true

When it comes to professions have you guys cut back on the amount of bind on pick up materials needed for crafting Battle for Azeroth had a whole lot in them and i didnt really craft in shadowlands


With the addition of hero talents and thus hopefully the cosmetic enhancements that come with it have you considered going more in depth on sfx, ability and companion customizations and simply just disallowing the more out there ones in pvp?


Will Season of Discovery have a Hardcore mode?

  1. in the classic will the battle of the undercity questline still be there, and playable in Wotlk classic and will not be removed when cataclysm classic comes out?

  2. will WoW dev team bring back removed quest?
    For Example:
    Wrath Of the Lich King:

Scourge Invasion

Reborn From Ashes (Alliance)

Fate, Up Against Your Will (Alliance)

A Royal Coup (Alliance)

The Killing Time (Alliance)

Darkness Stirs (Horde)

Herald of War (Horde)

A Life Without Regret (Horde)

The Battle For The Undercity (Alliance)

The Battle For The Undercity (Horde)


My Son, The Prince

Rallying The Fleet

Missing Parts

Twilight Investigation

The Usual Suspects

Peasant Problems

Unholy Cow

He’s Holding Out On Us

Expert Opinion

The Old Barracks

Cataclysm in the Catacombs

A Villain Unmasked

Elemental Unrest scenario questline:

Mist Of Pandaria:

the Wrathion Legendary quest:

Stranger in a strange Land

A legend in the Making

The Strength of One’s Foes

Trial of the Black Prince

Fear Itself

Breath Of the Black Prince


The Measure of a leader

The Prince’s Pursuit

A Test Of Valor

The Lion Roars ( Alliance)

Glory to the Horde (Horde)

A Change of Command

Call of The Packmaster (alliance)

The Soul Of The horde (Horde)

The Thunder King

Meet Me Upstairs

Secrets of the First Empire

I need A Champion

The Thunder Forge

Spirit of the storm lord

The Crown Of heaven

Echoes of the Titans

Heart of the Thunder King

Celestial Blessings

Clock Of Virtue

Preparing to Strike

Meet Me Back At the Inn

A Timeless Discovery

Secrets Of the Timeless Isle

The Emperor’s Way

A Pandaren Legend

Judgment of the Black Prince

Warlords of Draenor:

Khadgar legendary quests:

Call Of the Archmage

Spires of the Betrayer

Khadgar’s Task

Core of Flame

Core of Iron

Core of Life

Draenor’s Secret Power

Tackling Teron’gor

Eyes of the Archmage

Fugitive Dragon

The Dragons Tale

Tarnished Bronze

Power Unleashed

Empire Fall

Legacy of the Sorcerer Kings

The Scrying Game

Hunter: Hunted

Touch of the Kirin- Tor

Heart of the Fury

Flamebender’s Tome

Reverse Piracy

Might Of the Elemental Lords

Blackhand’s Secret

The Unbroken Circle

Prisoner Of the Mind

Were Not Finished…

Orb Of Dominion

The Shadow War

Breaking Badness

To Gul’dan!

An Inside Job

The Final Assualt

My Garona

Command of the Seas

Master Vs. Commander

We Don’t Need No Library card

Cooking the Books

Light Be With You (Alliance)

Draenor’s Blessing(Horde)

Darkness Incarnate

Khadgar legendary quests Cinematic


Legion invasion event/quests

Legion Epilogue questline:

Epilogue Cinematic

Summons to Stormwind (Alliance)

Summons To Orgrimmar (Horde)

Gifts of the Fallen (Alliance)

A Recent Discovery (Horde)

Witness to the Wound

The Specker’s Call

The Power in Our Hands

Battle For Azeroth:

War Of the Thorns Questline:

Alliance quests

A Short-Lived Peace (Alliance)

The Horde Uprising (Alliance)

A Disturbance in Ashenvale (Alliance)

The Light Of the Elune (Alliance)

Knives of the Forsaken (Alliance)

A Soft Glow (Alliance)

Hidden Amongst the leaves (Alliance)

Mercy for the Mad (Alliance)

Garden Grove (Alliance)

Enraged Furbolgs (Alliance)

Elves in the Machine (Alliance)

The Wake of Something New (Alliance)

Azerite Denial (Alliance)

No Horde Allowed (Alliance)

Malfurion Returns (Alliance)

“Rock” The World (Alliance)

Long Away (Alliance)

A Looming Threat (Alliance)

A Threat from the North (Alliance)

Rescue Effort (Alliance)

Defending Lor’danel (Alliance)

Action This Day (Alliance)

The Guidance of Our Shan’do (Alliance)

A Flicker Of Hope (Alliance)

From The Ashes… (Alliance)

War Of the Thorns Questline:

Horde Quests:

The Warchief Awaits (Horde)

The Warchief Commands (Horde)

A Quick Diversion (Horde)

Everybody Has a Price (Horde)

A Timely Arrival (Horde)

Zoram’gar Outpost (Horde)

On The Powl (Horde)

Into The Woods (Horde)

Ripe For The Picking (Horde)

A Quick Flyover (Horde)

An Unstoppable Force (Horde)

Clearing Them Out (Horde)

A Glaive Misunderstanding (Horde)

Blurred Vision (Horde)

The Trees Have Ears (Horde)

The Blackwood Den (Horde)

Aggressive Inspiration (Horde)

The Start of Something Good (Horde)

Fueling the Horde War Machine (Horde)

A Very Clear Message (Horde)

A Gift Of Azerite (Horde)

A Wild Ride (Horde)

A Looming Threat (Horde)

Saurfang Returns (Horde)

No Small Mercy (Horde)

Driving Them Out (Horde)

Seaside Rendezvous (Horde)

Killer Queen (Horde)

The Battle for Lordaeron Questline:

the Hour Of Reckoning (Alliance/Horde)

The Battle for Lordaeron (Alliance/Horde) (needs Fixed)

A dying World (Alliance/Horde)


Death Rising quests:

An Urgent Request (Alliance/Horde)

Cause For Distraction (Alliance/Horde)

Return of the Crusade (Alliance/Horde)

Field Reports (Alliance/Horde)

Damned Intruders (Alliance/Horde)

Return of The Scourge (Alliance/Horde)

A Message from Icecrown (Alliance/Horde)

The Banshee’s Champion (Alliance/Horde)

Securing the Area

A Valiant Effort

Scouting from a Safe Distance

Advancing the Effort

A Message from the Justicar

A New Foothold

Cult Couture

Fighting for Attention

Secrets in Shadows

Bursting the Bubble

A Message From Above

Only Shadows Remain

With Hope in Hand

Strange Scourgestones

Combat Nullifier 07-X

Cultist Captors

Delaying Their Efforts

Evacuation Effort

Fungal Feeding

The Deathspeaker’s Devout

Too Many Whelps

WARNING: This is Only a Test!

Darkened Scourgestones

Pitch Black Scourgestones

Careful Creations

Cleaning Out the Vault

Defending the Rampart

Frontline Resupply

Frozen Solid

Research Ruination

Scourge War Machines

What’s Old is New

Werk In Progress

Explore Torghast

Remnants of Hope

Information For A Price

Torment Chamber: Jaina

Finding A Witness

Lest the Trail Go Cold

Torment Chamber: Thrall

Signs Of the Lion

The Captive King


I saw the pre-orders for the next expansion are already going, when can we expect news for the physical Collector’s Edition?


Will there be more customizations for the core and other Allied Races in the future?


Any hope for getting traditional flying earlier this time due to accessibility issues with dynamic flying? A year is an unfair wait for those of us with genuine issues.


Also are you guys going to fix the Call of duty quest from Cataclysm, we would like know how did the crew got sunk in Vashj’ir instead of being teleported? also will the NPC Animation be fixed in battle of lorderan in BFA because i see human soilders movement animation has a bug you only see them move in a frezzed stance position?

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Shaman Tanks!

And not in Classic. Can these be a thing in Live please?


With this world soul storyline coming up, can the story actually touch on how the Tauren and their belief in the Earthmother actually are affected by that or even better have a connection to it?


Are there plans for keeping a few WOTLK Classic servers available and if so will there be a cloning service?


If delves can be played solo, in a group or with the assistance of NPCs, does that mean they act as a testing ground for future dungeons possibly allowing players to fill up roles with NPCs instead of other players, ultimately resulting in solo dungeons?


RBGs… although really fun, and having a portion of the community dedicated to them, the overall community participation is incredibly small. The problem is that after 12 years, there’s still no incentive to play. No seasonal mount to show off. No seasonal title to earn. Nothing.

Almost none of the really good arena players touch RBGs. Blizzard could have a fantastic e-sport to showcase if they just provided an incentive to climb rating. My question is, are there any plans to ever address this - in either standard RBGs or in the new solo shuffle version?


While I admire the lengths the development team has gone through to make more allied races, I have to ask: Will we ever see playable Naga and Ogres in our lifetime?