Stupid but worth a shot

So anyone from bc or pre bc days on ally that were in Eggnog or Way of Honor. I was the original Sneakymcstab, just wondering what’s happened to all the bros from the old days, getting drunk and feeling nostalgic.

Dude, i vaguely recall your name. I was in each of those guilds before way of honor split. I played a NE hunter named Galtis.

I remember playin with cabananatex or however he spelled his name, could never get it right. And redlotus, totemz, handful of other guys.

Back near the beginning of BFA i happened to shard into thunderhorn and i ran across Bttrfly in drustvar.

Same as Uwukey. I remember your name being around. I was not in those guilds though. I was in one called Camelot, then Too Olde, after that a few others that I can’t recall. I think shortly after the two I can distinctly remember, WoTLK seen me off to another server where I made more friends I can’t find any longer.
Shame discord wasn’t around back then.

I was in eggnog during wrath,