Stuff still broken

stuff still glitchy in df blizzard we are coming up on season two soon and there is still more garbage not working. just as much or close to all the stuff that wasn’t working at launch i don’t know what you’re working on and don’t care your help websites don’t fix anything for the most part there is no help in forums and at every turn those of us that spend more than 5 minutes playing still have to deal with the stuff that isn’t being fixed doesn’t matter what else blizzard is working on those of us that prepaid for this sorry expansion are still waiting for any real fix to take place i run duel monitors and every time i look at the launcher there is more Maintenace what exactly are you people working on because it’s not dragonflight i don’t mean ptr the game is live fix that. I don’t have to give a list of what I’m talking about its all over the forums which is a joke and websites and google feeds do something about it already.