Stuck trying to unlock Nightborne - No more quests available

So, i’m trying to unlock the Nightborne and all the info on wowhead says I need to do Good Suramaritan before I can start the Insurrection questline. I have 6/11 done for Good Suramaritan finished, but I can’t find any other quests in Suramar. Wowhead said that some of the quests were locked behind reputation so I grinded out to “honored” to unlock one of the missing quests, but nothing happened. It’s really frustrating that I have to do all this for one Horde allied race, when I was able to knock out both the Lightforged Draenei and Void elves with one simple quest chain for Argus. Please help, I’ve spent hours trying to troubleshoot in game and have no idea what’s going on.

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The rep requirements were removed, so that is not your problem.

Suramar has a lot of side quests that are part of the Good Suramaritain achievement, so without knowing exactly which chapters you’ve done, it’s hard to figure out where you might be stuck.

In general, if you’ve got any quests in Suramar, do them. Odds are very good even if it’s not what’s blocking your progress, you’ll still need it for the achievement so there’s not harm in getting it done.

The achievement Leyline Bling is required for later steps of the quest chain, but I don’t think you’re far enough along for that to be your current block.

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thank you! I’ll do another sweep and try to find every quest i missed.

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So I did another run through the area and found a handful of quests I missed. I did those as well as getting Leyline Bling and it didn’t open any more quests up. The parts of Good Suramaritan that I have left are: The Waning Crescent, Blood and Wine, Statecraft, A Growing Crisis, and A Change in Seasons.

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It looks like you’ve hit the side stuff, so it should just be main questline stuff from here.

Make sure that you’ve fed the NPCs in Shal’Aran ancient mana. Some of their quests won’t show up if they are jonesing.

Aside from that, last night’s hotfixes list fixing a problem turning in “All Along the Waterways” which is a part of The Waning Crescent part of Good Suramaritan. So, if you got part way through the Waning Crescent storyline but got stuck there, you may be able to pick it up again.

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Thank you for your help. It turns out that I had to put on the masquerade spell in order to see the quest chain i was missing. I just finished Good Suramaritan :smiley:


Had identical issue as you, this fixed it and found the next quest.

Thank you!

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THANK YOU FOR THIS TREAD! I had the EXACT same problem @Shinygeodude. Legit the same part I was stuck on. I put on the Masquerade mask, and I finally was able to see the hidden quest available on my map. Thank you so much!

Im having the same problem but i cant find quests anywhere This is a nightmare =(