Stuck on Nazjatar prgression

I am stuck on Nazjatar progression. I have read every guide, submitted a ticket, and spent a week trying to proceed.

I have completed:
Where the road leads
Essential Empowerment
A way home
Insight into our enemies
Up against it

I can get no other quests here.

I cannot get Fortunate Disruption of Power or dark tides per the guide these quest come before one I have competed.

Cannot get In Deep or any other quest in this zone.

I have gone to the coordinates for all NPC 's to start these quests and the is NO quest available in this zone.

I worked around the issue and completed all Heroic Dungeons,but without being to process in this zone the game is over for me.

Played this game over 4000 hours. I in vanilla WOW, and was loving BoA, but without a hint or suggestion I will have to quit the game.

Thank you,


It is a straight progression
For Dark Tides the quest chain is Alliance side

  1. The Wolf’s Offensive
  2. Send the Fleet
  3. Upheaval
  4. Descent
    Sentinel just after you Descend gives next few on the side of trail just past boat wreck.
  5. Fortunate Souls
  6. Disruption of Power
  7. Dark Tides
  8. In Deep
  9. Up Against It
  10. Where the Road Leads
  11. A Way Home

Thank you for your reply Futami. First Anacracist Thayssra is simply not there. I went to the cave at 42.1 80.9 where he is supposed to be. Took a screenshot to prove it, and the cave is empty. No response on my bug report. I agree this should be just a simple quest progression. Again thank you for trying.

Ahhhhhh! Why are you looking for an NPC from the last expansion?
For the quests you say you can’t find you need to find Sentinel who is a little ways from where you come down off the falls from the Descent quest.

I went back and ran the pre patch too just to see. The sentinel is not there. I went everywhere in the zone. Went to the falls, went to the boat wreck, found the flight master. Died to elite’s a few times. He is not there.

I had the quests right after I turned 120 and dropped them by mistake, This has screwed it all up. Thanks for your help, but I am done.
Game uninstalled.

Fennrirr out!

Turn off warmode?