Stuck on a Class not sure what to do

So I am going to be returning to wow, the class is up in the air. I am a solo player and coming back this time i want to Raid mythic+ dung’s etc. My goal is to find a guild and smash content with them. The issue im having right now is i am not sure what to play for all the above. Rogue, Paladin, or Warrior are the three i think ive narrowed it down to. now i know alot of comments will be (every class can do what i want) But ive played enough mmo’s to know that some classes will always be taken over others just due to them outperforming with lesser skill or having a better toolkit to do everything needed. SO anyone who knows alot about endgame etc id love to hear some thoughts on these three classes, and if id have a easier or harder time finding a full time raid guild or a mythic + dung group for high key lvls.