Stuck in Plagued/Green Tirisfal?

I can’t see Zidormi. I’m stuck in the green goo in Tirisfal with no icon for Zidormi on the map. I went to her coordinates and she’s not there. I saw on Reddit that I might need to complete the pre-patch questline/event, but it says to speak with Lor’themar Theron in Orgrimmar, but that NPC is not here for me.
Does anyone have any idea how I’m supposed to get to Undercity?? I’m not finding anything online about someone who has successfully gotten around this issue.

For the Battle for Lorderon, you can try talking to Archivist Sylvia, but I’m not sure that will fix the phasing.

The other thing to try is completing the Return to Lorderon questline from Calia in Oribos.

There’s also The Hidden Need that takes place in Tirisfal after the rest of the BfA War Campaign which is another thing to try.

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I had the same thing happen to me. I skipped the BFA Lorderan battle but did complete the Zandalar intro before Zidormi finally reappeared.

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