Stuck and not sure what to do Sunken Ambitions

So been playing for a month, PvE server, and done a lot… So I started Pathfinder 2… and am on The Nazjatar quest-line to open up world quests there. I did Welcome to Nazjatar already, but I cant find any NPC anywhere in Nazjatar to progress to next set of Naz quests (secrets in the sea or turning the tide) . NOONE has a ! anywhere in the zone. Tried re-logging, /reload… and stuck. Been that way for 3 days… Actually, “Rescue the Farseer” is the only quest up in the entire zone. Any advice?

Quick edit: I did find an NPC by zone in with a grey question mark, but that quest is NOWHERE on my quest guide. Speaker Utia, the quest is The Waveblade Ankoan. Greyed out when I right click him. Again, very odd. Help plz!

In order to progress to Secrets in the Sea and Turning the Tide, you must complete a section of quests with Magni in the heart chamber. My first suggestion is to head there and see if there are any quests available, or that might already be in your quest log associated with it.

This is the interlude quest chain involving Magni and MOTHER:


This is for the world quest emissary that is currectly active. Once you get your WQ’s unlocked there you’ll be able to do this.