Stress Test - uninstall now?

Is there any point in keeping the Beta & Stress Test: WOW Classic on our computers?

While we’re at it, I am finding it difficult to uninstall PTR. Control panel doesn’t work and, so far, it also doesn’t look like the Battlenet app removes it.

I think there is another stress test next week.


They’re planning on more stress tests, so it’s up to you. Plus you might get into Beta later.

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next month in june.

Or next week:


They announced another stress test next week on the 29th to make up for the login problems people had.

There will also be other future stress tests.

i was quoting the stress test schedule. if they threw in another stress test, for some odd reason, i havent seen it.

  • Stress Test 1: Wed May 22–Thurs May 23
  • Stress Test 2: Wed Jun 19– Thurs Jun 20
  • Stress Test 3: Thurs Jul 18– Fri July 19

NO. And, by the way, you do not want to do that, either. You think you do, but you don’t!

Plus, you have a guaranteed invite for that one, if you’ve been in this week’s.

The sticky indicated that beta invites are going to be few and far between at this point. If someone plans on helping with the stress tests, they should keep it, otherwise it is just wasted hard drive space.

“At this point”.

So later down the road, more and more could get in.

But I guess if you need hard drive space, then go ahead and uninstall.

Yay! Plus they’re raising the level cap to 10. I’ll be interested to see if they’ve made any progress on the login kerfuffle.

Even if there wasn’t a stress test next week, I don’t see the point in deleting it. It’s only like, 5 gigs.

The link was literally just posted to the reply you quoted. It’s also a sticky at the top of this forum. Read the stickies and blue posts lol.

You can uninstall the stress test via options in launcher, only blizzard can remove it from region/account list.

There is another one next week on Wednesday.

And you missed this:

So to the OP: if you want to play again next week you may as well leave the client installed.

Your install will be updated constantly by the launcher interface. Eventually your install will be the game client at go live. No sense uninstalling now.

i…already said that.

its like people are offended that i dont catch everything they do, exactly when they do. besides just waking up 15 minutes before i posted. now that its ALL settled and people are aware of the schedule AND new test on May 29th, people can stop replying to me for the purpose of being inflammatory.

they are doing another stress test on the 29th.

You said:

I’m not just clarifying it for you, but other people who may have missed it. Don’t make a big deal out of it.

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