Stress Test - uninstall now?

Yay! Plus they’re raising the level cap to 10. I’ll be interested to see if they’ve made any progress on the login kerfuffle.

Even if there wasn’t a stress test next week, I don’t see the point in deleting it. It’s only like, 5 gigs.

The link was literally just posted to the reply you quoted. It’s also a sticky at the top of this forum. Read the stickies and blue posts lol.

You can uninstall the stress test via options in launcher, only blizzard can remove it from region/account list.

There is another one next week on Wednesday.

And you missed this:

So to the OP: if you want to play again next week you may as well leave the client installed.

Your install will be updated constantly by the launcher interface. Eventually your install will be the game client at go live. No sense uninstalling now.

i…already said that.

its like people are offended that i dont catch everything they do, exactly when they do. besides just waking up 15 minutes before i posted. now that its ALL settled and people are aware of the schedule AND new test on May 29th, people can stop replying to me for the purpose of being inflammatory.

they are doing another stress test on the 29th.

You said:

I’m not just clarifying it for you, but other people who may have missed it. Don’t make a big deal out of it.

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yes…i said if they threw in/made a new test, i havent [when i posted] seen it. im not making a big deal out of it but there are a few that seem to be. we are all aware of everything now. there is zero reason to keep -correcting- something that i myself said i didnt see/know.

Well no one actually pasted the part where it was said that there would be a test on the 29th where “everybody” from the last one would be invited so that’s why I went ahead and did it.

Why are you being fussy? Just turn off notifications for this thread if you don’t want to see replies.

and you arent the only one. i see. being inflammatory is fine but having a problem with it is -being fussy-.

It has nothing to do with the hd space. It is something called “managing expectations” and it is much wiser to expect nothing than have people holding out false hope. Everyone will be much happier in the end.

It’s broken AF… Just go to your wow folder and delete the PTR folder. That will remove the client, but not the PTR option in the drop down play menu.

So you’re not fussing about people correcting you?

no. i have no problem with people letting me know that the blue post was made, since i missed it. i have a problem with people continuing to correct me after i already admitted my error. multiple times.

I linked it because I actually read what the other person said and no one had linked the proper information.

I offered you a solution in turning off notifications for this thread.

Dude, get over it. This is extremely petty.

now you are just berating me. you asked me a question and i answered it.

And I explained my reasoning behind posting what I did and you are still nagging.