Stress Test Complete -- THANK YOU!


Patchwerk was Way too OP he Solo’d an Old God !
nerf Patchwerk plz


Awesome, back to streamers who have never played WoW profiting off of a game we have paid to play for years…Im so excited.


Was very fun! Would like to continue my time in the beta. There are many bugs left to slay.


Please, EXPAND THE BETA. Pleeeasee <3


Sounds like they need to up it to 40.


That’s not what the beta is for.


Thanks Blizz you legends


Got a rogue and a mage to level 10, some darkshore greens and 5 WSG wins. Think I spent 11 hours online overnight. Give full beta please.


What is it for?


For streamers to get popular and make money, duh


Thank You!


Thanks! Was so much fun!

(Elbardo) #33

It was really funn, thank you <3


See… …


Had a blast. Can’t wait for the game to go live!


i would give it my all to make wow classic the best it could be.

that said, i’m grateful i had a chance to play the stress test, can’t wait for classic, and certainly don’t expect a beta.


Had a great time! Glad to get you the data you need. Can’t wait for launch!


Thanks Blizz! It was fun.

(Taselia) #39

Thank you! It was a lot of fun to participate and only made the thirst even more potent!


That was super fun, got a bunch of screenshots! Thanks for everything! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: