Stress Test Complete -- THANK YOU!

Goodjob, everyone.

The videos I saw looked super fun.

I’m not jealous, just saying goodjob…

Not jealous at all…


Woot woot! That’s good to hear this time. I know when the servers were having issues at the start I was worried it was going to be like the previous stress test in terms of data gathering. Good to hear good data was acquired this time.

/Grab Kaivax

No! Can’t the servers stay open a bit longer! Please, I need my fix Kaivax! Just five more minuets man! I need my Classic fix, man!!!

/sobs uncontrollably

In all seriousness, while all I can do is speak for myself, I am beyond hyped for Classic and these past two stress tests have reminded me of what was so addictive about Vanilla! It has been an absolute blast to experience once more. June 19th feels miles away and August feels even further.

Speaking of Stress Tests though, has the May 29th test changed any of the original schedule or is June 19th still planned for another stress test as mentioned in the following article?

Anyway, it was fun and it’s awesome to hear there was good data acquisition from this one :slight_smile:

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Glad to help! Especially when it turns out much more fun than you’d expect for a stress test! Was very cool as well to see Omar take the time to let as many of his devout following as possible praise him for his glorious deeds in restoring classic for us :pray:
Of course the love is also extended to the whole classic team too, who make it happen as best they can, while having such a lovely attitude about it all! And for this, thank you very much :sparkling_heart:
Hope you’ll continue to have a lovely time working on the game we all love so much here!!

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This Is why I asked if a more recent stress test may surface before,Stress Test 2: Wed Jun 19– Thurs Jun 20.

Seeing The May/29th stress test was not part of the list originally.


There was a second stress test? Didnt get an email this round but somehow i had access, wouldve been nice to know…

Its a good question, honestly, and one I am curious about. We know that the May 29th one came about because the May 23rd one had technical issues and they were unable to get good data from it.

WoW Classic Stress Test on May 29

From the sounds of it, this one looks to have been much more successful. My assumption is that there won’t be another unscheduled one before the next test but I am curious if because of this unexpected test happening if the schedule would have changed.

They told everyone on the forums in the above linked thread that everyone who was in the previous May 23rd test was going to be in the May 29th test. They don’t send emails out for those kinds of things.

I only received the email for the first test, they did post in the forums of yesterdays test though.

I loved playing a tauren warrior on the stress test and going to level in the orc/troll zone i was the only tauren i ever saw leveling in that area, i really stood out than everyone else with my character name-Alarm and race

Gotcha, i usually skip past the stickied/blue stuff. Wish i got an email tho :frowning:

Is it still open an additional 24hrs? Like we have access to it until tomorrow or was that today lol

It ended today at 4pm PST unfortunately :confused:

Ahh yes i remember the issue well. Some of us had 2 PTRS in the region/acct… with that said, it makes loads of sense… Thanks for the heads up.

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Lame, it seems my lick has ran out this beta. Ive got an inv to every blizz game/expansion except this one. I had fun in first stress test tho. Things seemed good til lvl 5 horde/ally side. Ill keep a closer eye on forums for future stress tests


As someone who knows every quest on both alliance and horde, I’d love to test the beta, I’d be willing to make multiple classes to the cap and report bugs I see.

wasn’t you just calling me a crybaby cause I thought it would be cool if they left the stress server online and capped at 10… yeah and here you are asking for a server… what was it you say crybaby didn’t get into beta gotta wait 3 months. CRYBABY! your daf

I been beta testing since Cata, I feel we are so excited over Classic wow including myself, that we cant wait to be part of the actual Beta test. But its still young and I can not speak for blizzard and this is pure speculation that as time goes on they will need more players added to beta, as it goes into a more open mode.

So I keep a eye on my launcher and log in from the beta/stress test client to see if Beta has been chosen for me. It was easier to tell when they did send emails for the Beta. But from my understanding the emails was only sent for the first stress.

Most Betas I seen ran close to the actual release date, so I still feel positive we have a chance later, seeing Aug 27th is still a few months away :slight_smile:

Had a lot of fun thanks for the chance

Had to work today so I missed the surprise to wrap up the stress test ):
But I did find some bugs that I reported. Very nice having the cap at lvl 10 but I couldn’t find a WSG battle sadly ): All in all was a good run.

I managed to eventually get from 5-10 over the course of two evenings in Teldrassil. I stuck it out until the bitter world server is down end in that hellhole. I hope I gave you guys some useful data. I know my Enter button is hating me right now from the constant spam trying to get back in.

Also shout out to the 3 lovely folks who made it most of the way through Relics of Awakening with me. Would never have made it through those quests without help.


Please sir… More?

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Had more fun on the stress test than i have on retail in years haha. Glad i could be even microscopically helpful. Hope im included at least in the next tests. Can’t wait for august lol